Ashe, You’ve Got Us Wishing We Could Come To The Orange Bungalow To Hear ‘Save Myself’

Ashe, You’ve Got Us Wishing We Could Come To The Orange Bungalow To Hear ‘Save Myself’

Have you ever seen a more relatable musician than Ashe? The answer is no, you haven’t. Her song ‘Save Myself’ is a song we all see such a human quality, wishing that you could go back and change things. Well, if you thought the studio version was great, just wait until you hear what she just dropped. ‘Save Myself’ Live From The Orange Bungalow!

From hearing the epic control she has over her vocals, to the little details of her playing the notes on the keyboard, even the aesthetic of the setting she’s in, it’s perfect. And, naturally, her personality in the beginning and the end of the video asking “that’s not like, annoyingly loud to the neighbors, right?” and “that was the take! Right?” We stan a talented queen with a sweet personality.

Another memorable thing about this video is that she knows how special this place is. When places hopefully open up next year and Ashe leaves, she’s aware that she might not be back for a while, so this song will be an amazing memory to know she created it while at the Orange Bungalow!

The Orange Bungalows are these really special little hidden gems in LA and while pretty small, have some sort of nostalgic magic to them — they use to be housing for the old Warner Brothers studios down the street for cast and crew members. They’re over a hundred years old, and I wrote and released ‘Save Myself’ while living there so thought it would be a special way of capturing this era of my life, along with directing it with my neighbors who also live in the bungalows.


And hey, we know this made you want to watch the original music video. Whether you’re watching it for the first time or you’ve already seen it, it’s a music video worth your time!

Alright alright, so, what did you think of the Orange Bungalow version? Honestly, hearing ‘Save Myself’ live is a blessing, and we can’t wait to hear it live in person someday. But, for now, the Orange Bungalow version is satisfying our live music needs! What about you?

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Featured image source: Kanya Iwana

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