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Ashton Irwin Gets Vulnerable With ‘Skinny Skinny’

Ashton Irwin Gets Vulnerable With ‘Skinny Skinny’


Showcasing his creativity, musicality, and growth as an artist, Ashton Irwin recently released ‘Skinny Skinny’, the single from his first solo project, Superbloom, and to say we are in love is an understatement!

The album was already teased to have raw emotion, and the new track did not hold back!

A simple sounding track, dominated by acoustic guitar and Ashton Irwin harmonies, the lyrics touch on a subject many artists would shy away from, but one thing we love about Ashton is how vulnerable he is with his music and his fans, and this new track is nothing less!

The repetition of the song’s title throughout really conveys the message and sounds almost chant-like as the words of the song fight with one another to gain dominance, and show the struggle conveyed in the song.

“Hey skinny skinny
Stop your thinking ‘bout tomorrow
You’ll never make it like that”

That fight within is obvious throughout the whole track, with the first verse getting straight to the point as it mentions the way he sees himself, his reflection.

“My second face
My damn reflection
We always meet
When I’m defeated

You tear me up
All of the time”

The quick staccato lyrics paired with the light flow of Ashton’s vocals and him strumming on the guitar, we couldn’t ask for more, but when he delivers, he goes all in, so of course, there is also a perfectly matched music video!

Directed by the man himself, Ashton Irwin, the video is shot in a simple warehouse-like room, where Ashton is in the middle surrounded by mirrors. But, these aren’t just you’re ordinary mirrors, they are the funhouse mirrors that distort your image.

Irwin can be seen discarding his shirt before looking in the mirrors and a light animation is then added to coincide with his movements. The video is then filled with Ashton dancing (yes you read the right) lyrically to the words of ‘Skinny Skinny’ as he internally fights with himself.

An acoustic guitar also joins him a few times in between choreography, which is a different view than what many 5 Seconds of Summer fans are used to seeing him in, as he usually plays the drums in music videos!

The video ends with Ashton dragging a hammer to break the glass, and therefore these images he had painted of himself into pieces. The tool is heavy at first before he gains the inner strength to overcome those views he had made of himself and shatter it.

What was your favorite part of the video? Did you like solo Ashton’s new music? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image via Ashton Irwin on Spotify

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