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10 Songs By 3RACHA Your Playlist Needs

10 Songs By 3RACHA Your Playlist Needs

Do you love Stray Kids already? Then 3RACHA is for you. Here are 10 songs by 3RACHA we think your playlist needs.

It’s no secret that Stray Kids produce and write their own music. The ones behind that flawless discography are their producing subunit, 3RACHA. Bang Chan (CB97), Changbin (Spear B), and Han (J.One) created this subunit back in 2017 before Stray Kids’ debut. They released most of their songs the same year on Spotify through three EPS, as well as some songs on their own.

If you’re not familiar with their music yet, this is a great place to start.

Source: MXI Magazine – MXI X KWAVE No. 5

‘Runner’s High’ (J:/2017/mixtape, 2017)

Out of their first mixtape, needless to say that ‘Runner’s High’ is one of their most iconic and timeless songs.

They’ve performed it a couple of times live: including in their pre-debut showcase when JYP decided that Stray Kids would be the next group to debut under the company. They also performed part of it in during the 3RACHA stage in KCON Thailand 2019 after they performed ‘Maze Of Memories‘, and Hongjoong from Ateez and Soyeon from (G)I-DLE joined them.

But more about the song itself, ‘Runner’s High’ is filled with energy and confidence. There’s no better song to describe 3RACHA’s vibe – Han’s verse full of charisma and flow changes and the expected aggressivity in Changbin’s verse, as well as Bang Chan’s overflowing confidence. ‘Runner’s High’ keeps the energy up like no other song.

And of course, how could we forget about the fact that Stray Kids’ main vocalist, Seungmin, rapped part of Changbin’ rap on Weekly Idol. This song is truly one of the most iconic ones from 3RACHA, and it’s unmissable.

‘Start Line’ (2018)

So, remember when we said there were songs released on their own? This is the case for this song.

Unlike the majority of 3RACHA’s songs, ‘Start Line’ was released in early 2018. It was uploaded on SoundCloud on January 18th, otherwise known as 3RACHA’s anniversary.

This is one of their more touching songs, and it became very special for Stays. The song is like a graduation song from their trainee years. Through the lyrics, they talk about the hardship they went through and what brought them to where they are. Knowing this is the last song they released as 3RACHA before they officially debuted in Stray Kids, it gives it even more meaning.

‘Matryoshka’ (Horizon, 2017)

Probably the most iconic 3RACHA song. You can’t be on the Stray side of Twitter for more than a month without seeing the clip of Changbin and Jisung performing this pre-debut.

The lyrics are based on the concept of the Russian Dolls and the fact that there are many layers to them and their dreams. Bang Chan’s flow in ‘Matryoshka’ is very interesting and original, while Changbin’s aggressive rap will blow you again, and believe us, the way he says “matryoshka” at the beginning of his verse will get stuck in your head for hours.

This is definitely a song that is amazing Whether it comes to production, lyrics, or the flow of rap, it doesn’t lack in any department. It really shows what 3RACHA are capable of doing.

‘Placebo’ (Horizon, 2017)

If you listen to Stray Kids’ music, this one might sound familiar to you. ‘Placebo’ is actually the original version of ‘Mixtape#1‘, which was released as a bonus track CD only on their debut EP, I am NOT, and later on Clé 2: Yellow Wood.

The original version is way more raw from the Stray Kids version, and it is worth listening to it even if you know ‘Mixtape#1’ by heart as we do. It’s always interesting to see where a song first started.

‘Placebo’ has a very happy and comforting side to it. Between the rap, the vocals, and the lyrics – this song feels very special. Even though almost all Stray Kids’ songs have been written by at least one 3RACHA member, there’s still a big difference when it comes to style and sound between the group and the subunit. However, ‘Placebo’ seems to be that middle ground between the two.

‘Broken Compass’ (Horizon, 2017)

‘Broken Compass’ is another song that was revised by Stray Kids in ‘Mixtape#4.’ The two versions are quite different when it comes to production and feel, but they’re equally good.

The production of the two songs is very different. This version of the song has somewhat a mysterious feel to it. The rap verses are longer, and they hit even harder. You have Changbin’s breathtaking rap and Han’s excellent lyrics, and of course, Bang Chan’s verse is the highlight of both versions of the song.

This has to be by far one of their best songs.

‘I SEE’ (3Days, 2017)

It’s crazy to think Han wrote this masterpiece when he was only 16 years old.

Out of their second EP, ‘I SEE’ is a Han solo track that was produced by both him and Bang Chan. It’s a track that’s full of emotion. Han discusses his dream and his doubts about it even if he’s ambitious. We definitely encourage you to look at the lyrics but being honest, the emotion in his voice breaks the barrier of language in every way.

It’s also amazing to listen to this and see how far he has come as a rapper and songwriter.

‘은석이’ (Eunseoki) (J:/2017/mixtape, 2017)

This is one of 3RACHA’s heavier songs when it comes to the lyrics. They’re known to talk a lot about their dreams, but also about actual issues that aren’t much talked about, especially in Korea, like depression, anxiety, peer pressure, among others. ‘Eunseoki,’ in particular, talks about how someone got so badly bullied they turned into what they had ones feared. It’s a very interesting story to follow through the back and forth between Changbin’s and Han’s rap, and their way of telling the story through their lyrics is very raw and real.

It isn’t just about the lyrics, though. Bang Chan produced the song, and the fact that it isn’t too complicated or has too many elements adds a lot as well, as it lays the story as raw and heavy as it is. And of course, the tone and technique behind the rap are incredible.

If you read the lyrics, do be cautious, as it can be triggering for some people. The song does touch on the topic of bullying, peer pressure, violence, and, according to how you interpret the end, death.

‘Small Things’ (3Days, 2017)

Whenever you feel overwhelmed, this song is for you.

When it comes to the lyrics, there’s no real way to describe how good the 3RACHA members are. You just have to read them and take them all in, because there’s no way to explain the journey they take you on. And ‘Small Things’ is probably one of their best songs lyrically. Overall, this song will remind you that even if you have a hard day, there are still small things there for you and that they matter.

Not only does it have inspiring lyrics that can be relatable, but it also has a catchy tune and a care free vibe.

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This song will make smile even in your worst days.

‘SCENE STEALERS’ (Horizon, 2017)

If you were still doubting on these guys’ versatility, ‘SCENE STEALERS’ will for sure change your mind.

The song is heavy on rap as all their songs but compared to others, the hook isn’t a melodic one but more a rap one. Don’t worry, it will still get stuck in your head for hours on end. In the lyrics, they compare the industry with a movie in which even though they may not be the main character but, they definitely catch the eye of the public more than anyone else with their skills and presence.

The song not only features arguably one of Bang Chan’s best verses but also one of Changbin’s best lines, which translates from Korean to: “My road to hell, is there something to be afraid of? 8 million people already saw me go up the hellevator.” To put a context to it, the first Stray Kids’ song, ‘Hellevator,’ had already been released by the time this song was uploaded to SoundCloud, and it already had more than 8 million views on YouTube. However, the lyric is so genius because he reuses the metaphor in ‘Hellator’ while referencing as well to the success the song had.

What sets this song apart from the rest however isn’t the lyrics or the dynamic, but the production. This song is very jazz-inspired, and it has a very heavy bass all throughout the song. The way they place the rap and the rhythm is so interesting to hear as well. One of their best songs for sure.

‘건들지마’ (Don’t Touch Me) (J:/2017/mixtape, 2017)

Yeah, unfortunately, they did delete this one from SoundCloud probably due to the swearing on the song, but we still couldn’t let it go.

Originally out of their first EP, ‘Don’t Touch Me’ is about how they’ve overcome hate and all the things that used to hold them back. While Han raps about how he used to be shy but, now, with the members, he feels untouchable. Bang Chan actually calls out racist jokes made against him and retakes the meaning of his name.

Needless to say, 3RACHA snapped on this one, and it’s also such a catchy and enjoyable song.

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What’s your favorite 3RACHA song? Which song would you add to this playlist? Be sure to let us know in the comments down below, by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP, or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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