Fletcher & Trevor Daniel Are ‘Bitter’ In New Remix, And We’re Not Bitter At All

Fletcher & Trevor Daniel Are ‘Bitter’ In New Remix, And We’re Not Bitter At All

There’s a remix of Fletcher’s song ‘Bitter’ with Trevor Daniel, and you might need to calm us down because that’s two of our fave artists collabing! And what’s even better is that there’s also a music video featuring the two! Back in May, we got the original video for ‘Bitter,’ and now we get another?? This doesn’t feel real, well, none of the s(ex) tapes era has felt real, tbh.

Fletcher has been spoiling the Fletchfam the last few months with basically a music video for every song off her EP, which just dropped on September 9th, although the original release date was September 18th. So while the fandom is most definitely fed, she’s giving us even more with this collab. And while Fletcher’s been keeping busy, so has Trevor. He’s given us bop after bop, even getting #1 on Pop Radio charts, and giving us a collab with Selena Gomez last summer. Now collabing with Fletcher, we seriously couldn’t ask for something better than this.

Image source: ‘Bitter’ feat. Trevor Daniel cover art

Actually, we were hoping for a collab ever since we noticed they often liked each other’s tweets, so looks like we weren’t clowning and actually got a collab! Listen to the ‘Bitter’ remix with Fletcher and Trevor Daniel here, and check out the video below, too! Trust us, you don’t wanna miss it.

The video is provocative, sexy, and empowering. Keeping up with the theme for the s(ex) tapes, we find ourselves loving each video of hers more and more. Trevor adds his own unique touch to it, and while we’re getting a remix, it feels like something totally new.

Trevor and I slid into each other’s dms about being fans of one another. He’s such a visionary artist and I jumped at the opportunity to collaborate with him. Trevor was able to bring a whole new perspective to the song and I guess we’re both still ‘Bitter’ about our exes. Throughout the video I wanted to explore the themes of masculine and feminine energy in terms of self-discovery. It is about the fear of knowing you need to go out and explore the world and your relationship with yourself, but being afraid that your person will find somebody new in the process. I’ve never understood the saying ‘if you love something, let it go’ until now. That’s life though. It’s petty, it’s ‘Bitter,’ it’s true and sometimes the truth has to hurt.


Everything she says just hits us right in the heart. You know why? Because it’s honest. She doesn’t hide. Fletcher puts so much of herself out there and lets us see all the pain, healing, and thought processes. With a new perspective on ‘Bitter,’ we’re seeing even more ideas and feelings than before. And the video? It’s everything.

What do you think about the ‘Bitter’ remix with Fletcher featuring Trevor Daniel? Which video do you prefer – the remix or original? Which music video of the s(ex) tapes has been your favorite? Let us know by commenting below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! Plus, you can also find us on Instagram or Facebook!



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