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Machine Gun Kelly: Storms Pop-Punk With Tickets To My Downfall’

Machine Gun Kelly: Storms Pop-Punk With Tickets To My Downfall’

tickets to my downfall

Machine Gun Kelly has released his incredibly anticipated pop-punk album, and we’re here to tell you all about it. Marching to the beat of his own drum, he’s produced a sound that he absolutely loves, and so do we. Plus, with drummers like Rook and Travis Barker on his side, we know the beat is always kicking. A deep dive into his personal life, these songs are filled with all types of emotions. MGK’s collaboration list is already hefty and continuously growing, so it’s no surprise that this album has a solid list of collaborations. Featuring artists like Halsey (queeeeeen), Trippie Redd, blackbear, and more, as if MGK wasn’t enough himself (he is), we’re in awe.

Image source: courtesy of Interscope

Tickets To My Downfall is MGK’s niche. Like it or not, this album proves that pop-punk-guitar-jamming-percussion-filled tracks were made for this man. Starting strong with ‘title track,’ it’s clear from the start that this album would provide raw-rocking-tunes. Keep the kids at home, because we’re getting explicit as we jam through the album, and land at hit single ‘bloody valentine’, you know, the one we got a VMA for, traveling into possibly our favorite track on the album. You guessed it – the Halsey feature.

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Halsey – ‘forget me too’

‘forget me too’ is a slap, fast-paced, lyrically sick track, and we’re blasting this regularly. And, truthfully, you should, too.

Machine Gun Kelly ft. Trippie Redd ‘all I know’

Followed by another sick collab, ‘all I know’ feat. Trippie Redd lights us up, before throwing us directly into our bag with the emotion-filled track ‘lonely.’ This song emulated the pop-punk genre to a t. Sad, sappy, but freaking perfect.

Machine Gun Kelly – ‘lonely’

Followed by the bad-ass-quick-moving track ‘WWIII,’ we’re feeling ready to throw some bows. This live? Hell yeah. An interlude featuring Pete Davidson? Yes, please. Vibing straight into singles ‘concert for aliens’ and ‘my ex’s best friends.’ While it’s obvious, we love this one, which you can read all about here. As the album continues, we get a special little treat, another kick-ass interlude featuring the flawless Megan Fox, as they talk about memories of meeting. Our happiness for the two of them? Everlasting.

The album concludes with ‘play this when i’m gone’ and holy shit, what an ending. A ode to his daughter, it’s raw, real, and just damn radical. You know we had to feature this one.

Machine Gun Kelly – ‘play this when i’m gone’

Our overview of this album? Pop-punk was made for Machine Gun Kelly. His crossover to this genre? Flawless. This album? Hit after hit. How proud we are of this dude is unexplained. Killing it always.

The best part of all? After the impressive VMA performance, last month- our CLE powerhouse is giving us his first US concert of 2020. October 1st, Machine Gun Kelly will be playing Tickets to My Downfall in its flawless entirety from the legendary Roxy stage with special guest and world’s best drummer (yeah, we said it) Travis Barker. Don’t worry, Rook; we love you too. Following that will be Hotel Diablo on October 8th, both live streams for fans who have pre-purchased tickets. It’s a once in a lifetime experience (listen, we’ve seen him live, we promise), these live streams will NOT be available after the event. A full band production, Machine Gun Kelly is keeping it full band, putting musicians back on stage, and keeping concert venues in business.

You can cop your tickets here – at 12 EST on September 25th, 2020.

Check out the album, let us know your thoughts, your favorite song, or how proud you are by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

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Featured image source: courtesy of Interscope

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