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Here’s Why Little Mix: The Search is the Talent Show TV Needs

Here’s Why Little Mix: The Search is the Talent Show TV Needs

Little Mix: The Search

2020 may not be getting the best reputation from the vast majority. But Little Mix seem to be thriving and making the most of it! With a new album on the way and a new tour, we’re now being treated to their hugely anticipated TV talent reality show, Little Mix: The Search.

The show – which was teased around a year ago – aired its first episode tonight. Mixers and music fans across the nation tuning in to see the girls take on the role as judges. While hopeful contestants took in front of the quartet to audition for a place in a band that would be put together by Little Mix themselves. That’s a win on its own, right?

The first episode saw contestants auditioning for the boyband that would be created on the show and it didn’t take long for viewers to feel the warm, friendly vibe that The Search has to offer. Something that many singing talent shows have been lacking for decades. What makes this show different compared to other shows is the compassion that the girls have. Often these kinds of shows have the dramatics along with “comedic relief” acts, often with snarky comments from judges and cold audience reactions.

But having found fame by entering -and winning – The X Factor back in 2011, Little Mix of all people have the empathy and understanding that hopefuls have when chasing their dreams entering these shows. They’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly which has acted in their favor now as global superstars creating a show to give people the chance which they have had, but with the contestant being equally as important as the viewer’s pleasure.

Rather than the mix of those not taken seriously and “real talent,’ each audition offers diversity and a range of styles from each contestant. Without the need to worry about any contestant risking humiliation. The need of hiding behind a sofa cushion and cringing is not needed when watching the program, much to many viewers delight who have grown tired of the false persona of other shows they are notoriously known for.

Little Mix The Search
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Another big selling point about this show is of course Little Mix themselves. The Search shows a new side of Jesy, Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jade where their professionalism on the behind-the-scenes shines through as well. Alongside the knowledge of what makes a good performer and overall artist that they have gained over the years.

Every contestant is critiqued and given an insight on things that the four think are good about them as well as where their areas for improvement are. Even those unfortunate to not make it through to the next stage of the competition leave with knowledge from one of the biggest girl groups in history. Now that’s something worth its weight in gold and can help them on their journeys into becoming future artists.

We also get to see the reality and strength of Little Mix’s friendship and bond. From joking in between auditions, offering banter with the contestants as well as their ways to navigate through the decision making and any forms of disagreements, it’s very apparent that the chemistry we see on stage and on video is very much consistent and real. Much to Mixers’ delight!

The show overall cut straight to the chase, no detour around some storyline and you see the girls help the contestants as they bring them together to see who has the ability to work well within a group before whittling down some of the contestants, bringing the remainers to perform live in front of a live audience made up of fans (recorded before the pandemic) where they will be once again judged by the girls who make the final group line-up decision backstage. It’s swift, not agonizingly long, and solidifies the group all within one episode. Meaning we’re left curious as to what to expect from future episodes.

Overall, Little Mix: The Search. is truly enjoyable, offering fun, talent and an insight to what it takes to create a band with potential. It’s fresh and definitely worthy of its primetime spot on weekend TV.

Little Mix: The Search airs every Saturday and Sunday on BBC One and is also available BBC iPlayer

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