‘so annoying’ Acoustic By Mae Muller Could Never Be Annoying. We Said What We Said!

‘so annoying’ Acoustic By Mae Muller Could Never Be Annoying. We Said What We Said!

You know what? Mae Muller might have a song called ‘so annoying,’ but we’re not annoyed at all by it. In fact, we’re so glad ‘so annoying’ got an acoustic version. I mean, we already loved the song in the first place, and we all know acoustic versions make everything better.

Plus, we don’t just get an acoustic version to stream, we also get a video for it. That’s even better, don’t you agree?!

In this version of ‘so annoying,’ Mae lets her vocals get what they deserve – the spotlight. We get to listen to her beautiful accent singing the song and see her gorgeous self in the video, as Mae Muller stans, we won. We really did.

Check out the video below!

Also, don’t forget to can stream it across platforms and even add it to an acoustic playlist of yours! We know it’s the perfect track for that.

Did you like the acoustic version? Have you heard the original? If not, check the original one out below, too! We’re sure you’ll dig it if you love the acoustic version.

One thing we love about the song is how much we find ourselves relating to it. Not everyone would just go about a song that is simply put; so many artists would add some other spin, but Mae Muller bluntly says what we all were thinking with ‘so annoying.’ And we love that.

What do you think of ‘so annoying’ acoustic? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! Plus, you can also catch up with us on Facebook or Instagram!


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