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Yoshiki Rocks His Way Onto Front Page

Yoshiki Rocks His Way Onto Front Page

Yoshiki is a Japanese rock n’ roll legend. It’s safe to say if Stan Lee approves of you, you’re set. Not only is he a rock superstar but a fashion icon as well. He’s a man of many talents!

Get to know a legend

Recently Yoshiki found himself on the cover of popular Japanese magazine Numero Tokyo. Bring the enigmatic genius he is, he left the stylist to their own devices capturing his image and vibe. A fun but daunting task we’re sure. We only wish we could have that honor!

In this eight-page special, Yoshiki gets down in the details. The pandemic throws a wrench in a lot of plans and minds. Yoshiki talks about life, fashion, and charity. This is a bit of a different direction for this particular magazine who’ve in the past covered mostly females. In addition, Yoshiki is the first male to grace the cover of Vogue Japan.

We love a man who has musical talent and has good fashion taste. It’s the perfect combo. Check out Yoshiki. This is the November 2020 issue of Numero Tokyo and set to release September 28th. The magazine costs 700 yen which is roughly 7 USD.

Numero TOKYO 11月号特装版カバー

Have you seen the feature? Maybe read it? Get a friend from Japan to send it to you? We’re pretty tempted to learn some Japanese now, so let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, on Facebook, or our Instagram!

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Get To Know Yoshiki:

Featured Image Courtesy of Thomas Whiteside

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