BTS Announces Upcoming Release of BE (Deluxe Edition) When We Need It Most.

BTS Announces Upcoming Release of BE (Deluxe Edition) When We Need It Most.

BE. This simple, yet complex word, is the title of the new album BTS will be releasing on November 20th. These two letters combined have a very significant meaning, especially because this past year which hasn’t been exactly merciful with us. To be means “to exist”, something Bangtan has been very persistent on getting us to do.


Now, the title makes perfect sense. Why? Well, the main creators of the album were the group members themselves!  The guys were directly involved in the creation and production of BE (Deluxe Edition) including concept, composition, and design as described on the most recent Weverse Announcement. We will be able to feel them in a more direct way thorough out their new music and production.

Without a doubt, getting surprised by them is something we are used to. Nevertheless, the fact that they participated so actively is something that we were well aware of. Through several vlogs they shared on YouTube, they showed us how each member had a special position they occupied in the making of the album. All in all, this direct involvement with every aspect of it makes it more special to us.

Their message of healing, while stating that “even in the face of this new normality, our life goes on”, is precisely what we need to continue our journey through the end of the year. We have a feeling that our love for BTS will continue to grow after listening to BE (Deluxe Edition).

Do you think this will be their most personal album yet? Let us know what you expect from it down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

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