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The Planet Said Help, And Mosaert’s Newest Collection Came To Save The Day

The Planet Said Help, And Mosaert’s Newest Collection Came To Save The Day

The Belgian independent creative label Mosaert, an anagram of Stromae, has recently launched its latest eco-conscious collection, Capsule 6, which is crafted from recycled and organic materials, as it moves to capitalize on the sustainability boom sweeping through the entire fashion industry. Capsule No. 6 not only rethinks Mosaert’s visual identity but has also allowed them to set bigger goals towards strengthening their sustainable and ethical approach for the next decade.

The planet asked for help, and Mosaert’s newest collection came to save the day.

Founded in 2009 in Brussels by Coralie Barbier, Luc Junior Tam, and Paul Van Haver (aka Stromae) to mark the launch of Stromae’s first album Cheese, this year marks as the 10-year-anniversary of Mosaert. To commemorate this milestone achievement after a whole decade of exciting projects and stunning collections, Mosaert has revealed a brand new logo, which is a tri-color cloud comprising of bright blue, green, and pink colors. It reflects their long term vision of creating and focusing on strengthening their sustainable and ethical approach through their latest eco-friendly Capsule No. 6.

Mosaert new logo via Mosaert’s official website

Exploring and using innovative materials that foster circularity is central to creating a more sustainable fashion industry. Revealing the entire range of capsule earlier this week, this latest collection draws its inspiration from their new logo design as the central element. It comprises of around 20 unisex pieces, produced entirely in Europe with 100% recycled and/or 100% organic materials. In addition to eliminating all non-organic and non-recyclable material from this collection and future ones, the brand has also redesigned its labels. They are now recycled woven cotton labels and paper hang tags, which are made of 100% recycled material, keeping the concept of sustainability in mind. This collection reflects how one can actively tackle an environmental problem and play a key role in building a more sustainable future through innovation and crafting fine products at the same time.

Overall sober than their previous collections, Capsule No. 6 presents monochrome pieces for the first time while continuing its geometric ‘paving,’ the veritable DNA of the brand. The collection plays with different materials and textures (such as corduroy) to create additional patterns and textures. The entire range is structured around a range of three natural colors, available in various shades – blue-grey, khaki, and earth. Each piece resonates with a color from the cloud.

Just like Stromae has maintained his artistic independence by producing his own music, the label follows his footprints and oversees everything, from production to artistic direction and from visuals to videos, not forgetting the staging of fashion shows and costumes. Breaking the dictated stereotypes of the fashion industry, Mosaert designs only one collection every year, as a numbered ‘capsule’ and have a colorful graphic look that is revealed in exclusive prints. Mosaert is also pursuing other projects alongside. Recently it signed a deal to support the official candidature of Paris for the 2024 Olympic Games, the latest video by Orelsan (La Pluie) – and the artistic direction of the video of Billie Eilish’s Hostage.

Watch Capsule 6 below and visit Mosaert to shop between pants, t-shirts, sweats, pullovers, jackets, socks, shorts, and to learn further about the release.

What do you think of this latest collection by Mosaert and the inspiration behind it? Do you support their idea of long term sustainability? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us in the comments down below, tweet to us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Mosaert’s Latest Capsule No. 6 via Mosaert’s Official Website

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