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5 Times Halsey Has Been the Voice of Our Generation!

5 Times Halsey Has Been the Voice of Our Generation!

Halsey is an inspirational human! Now here at THP HQ, we’ve stanned her since her early beginnings in peak 2015 Tumblr and we can’t believe it’s been so long already.

Aside from releasing beautiful music, over the years she’s advocated for social justice and has supported numerous charities. So while we’re feeling all soft and sappy, here are 5 of our favourite Halsey charitable moments!

‘I will not be afraid’

If you were lucky enough to witness this live, then we’re incredibly jealous. On 10th June 2019, Halsey played a one off show at Camden’s Electric Ballroom. But just three days prior a lesbian couple were attacked on a London bus for refusing to kiss in front of another passenger. So, in true Halsey fashion, she wore a t-shirt with their faces and before her song ‘Strangers’ she gave this uplifting speech. 

We got goosebumps watching this video and it’s a message to hold onto, especially if you’re persecuted against for your sexuality, gender or religion. 

Women’s March 2018 

Another incredible speech miss Halsey has given was this poem she wrote before speaking at the Women’s March in 2018. The poem is an incredible piece of art in itself. Yet its messages about bodily autonomy and support for survivors of sexual violence make it even more special. 

Black Creators Fund

In response to the Black Lives Matter Movement this year, Halsey set up this awe inspiring initiative. Watching this grow since April has been so wonderful and we’ve loved getting to know the recipient’s own artistry too. We can’t wait to see this grow into next year and we’re rooting for all the artists that Halsey is now working with!

‘More’ and Endometriosis

Throughout her career, Halsey has been vocal about her own journey with her chronic condition, endometriosis. She’s advocated for increased public awareness and better medical treatments for the condition over the years and has worked with The Endometriosis Foundation of America on several occasions. 

One of the conditions most heartbreaking side effects is the problems it creates in pregnancy. So when Halsey released her track ‘More’ earlier this year, we couldn’t help but shed a tear. It’s a song that perfectly encapsulates the struggles that she’s faced, and millions of other women have, in a beautifully understated way.  

Bipolar Disorder YouTube Talk

On the subject of Halsey’s third album ‘Manic’, her artist spotlight video on Bipolar Disorder was another truly inspirational moment.

Any longstanding fan of Halsey’s will know that she’d struggled with her mental health since she was young. But this interview was so open and honest. If you struggle with Bipolar Disorder yourself, it’s an incredibly relatable video. Or if you want to learn more about it then it’s super educational too!

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Featured Image Source: Halsey via Twitter

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