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Halsey’s Music Video ‘929’ Shows Her Immense Love For Her Fans

Halsey’s Music Video ‘929’ Shows Her Immense Love For Her Fans

If there is one person who is grateful for her fans, it’s no one other than this girl. Halsey’s immense love for her fans resulting in her granting us a music video for her song ‘929′. It’s truly heartwarming to see how much she cares about us, it’s her birthday and we’re the one’s receiving. Halsey’s ‘929’ music video is directed by her tour videographer and music video director Peter Donaghy.  

 Halsey's Immense Love For Her Fans Grants Us a ‘929’ Music Video
Photo Credit: Aidan Cullen

In the music video, we have never seen footage of Halsey’s childhood living with her family which then transitions to clips of the development of her career. This footage is displayed on walls, baby furniture, and a desk that looks eerily similar to the furniture in the ‘Graveyard’ music video which starred her and Sydney Sweeney. Although she does not appear in the music video live, the emotions that she conveys in both the song and music video are apparent. We’re not going to lie, we might have shed a tear or two.

When it comes to Halsey’s Manic album, we’re fully aware that she strips herself down for us to understand the depths of her heart. In addition to this music video, Halsey’s added extra tracks to the album so her fans worldwide can listen to it. ‘Wipe Your Tears’, ‘I’m Not Mad’, ‘Without Me feat. Juice WRLD’ and the stripped versions of her singles are now available to stream on all platforms. You can find the album here.

Now, we know that Halsey is SCHEMING because she always does. The unanswered questions from that mysterious black website and the LP that was associated has us thinking. Do you guys see any spoilers or do you think it’s just a simple celebration music video? Either way, we’re glad we got this gift. However, it’s not over yet. On her Twitter, Halsey announced that she has more gifts for us throughout the week. As we wait, we’ll just participate in birthday projects and pouring our guts out in tweets to her. 

Within the last few months, Halsey has dropped project announcements in addition to getting recognized for her talents. In August, she released a live album of Badlands to celebrate its fifth anniversary. Shortly after that, she announced her acting and producing debut with the show The Player’s Table which is based on the book They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Goodman. Just recently, Halsey was named as one of TIME’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020. To conclude all those accomplishments, Halsey is due to publish her first volume of poetry, I Would Leave Me If I Could on November 10th. 

We’re excited to see Halsey bloom in the different parts of the entertainment industry. We’re extremely proud to call her one of the many people we stan and look forward to hearing more releases from. Happy Birthday, Miss Halsey! We hope it’s filled with yummy food and happiness!

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