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My Music My Story Drumming Up Disney Yoshiki Style

My Music My Story Drumming Up Disney Yoshiki Style

My Music My Story: Yoshiki. What could make Disney better? Yoshiki of course! We are far too fond of this drumming legend. If you didn’t know, he’s pretty cool. Whether it’s Japanese anime and coffee ad mash-ups or gracing the cover of fashion magazines, Yoshiki is getting hotter by the minute. Bask in the glory of his latest venture:

The Reaction

Here’s the bad news. It’s exclusive to Disney + Japan. The good news? Expect an international release. We, along with many others, were shocked and giddy with the news!

If you haven’t caught on by now Yoshiki is a bit of a legend. A world-class musician, songwriter, and fashion lover, his many passions ignite before our eyes. He’s doing so much, fans are even calling him out on how long it’s taking to get the things that he promises done. We love Yoshiki and believe in him! 頑張れ!

My Music My Story: Yoshiki

No matter what the man touches, he turns it to gold. See him play his gorgeous crystal piano and get down to some Disney music. We’ll see covers of ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen, ‘Can You Feel the Love Tonight’ from The Lion King. He will also perform ‘Endless Rain’ and ‘Without You’ from his rock band X Japan. Get to know how Yoshiki began his musical journey and see his amazing L.A. recording studio. Hear about his music-making process and above all else get to know why we love Yoshiki so much!

Want to see a sneak peek? Well, you can! Here’s the 1-minute trailer:

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We can’t wait to learn more and hear some awesome tunes. What are you looking most forward to? Have a favorite venture of Yoshiki? Were you surprised by the announcement? Let us know in the comments down below, on Twitter @thehoneypop, on Facebook, or our Instagram!

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Get To Know Yoshiki:

To learn more about Disney+:

Featured Image Courtesy of M S (YSK)

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