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The Menzingers Deliver New Album Recorded From Exile

The Menzingers Deliver New Album Recorded From Exile

The Menzingers

The Menzingers, one of the most influential and downright radical bands, grace us with their works of genius once again. Compiled of singer/guitarist Greg Barnett and Tom May, bassist Eric Keen, and drummer Joe Godino, they have become masters of their craft. A start in 2006, the band has had their fair share of time in the scene to learn, make mistakes, and most importantly art. Showing abundant strength as storytellers and churning out tunes filled with equally frenetic energy and detail. 

With six studio albums under their belt and Hello Exile in 2019, the band introduced a whole new theatricallyrical-narrative level. A collection of past and present reflection, the band stopped on a multitude of moments. Ones of high school, hell-raising, relationship trouble, alcohol, aging, and political pandemics.  

Hello Exile bared a soul-connecting type of intimacy that produced the band’s most emotionally daring work to date. That is, until now with From Exile. While the entirety of the re-imagined album rocks, here are a few of our favs!

The Menzingers – ‘Anna’

A song we didn’t know we needed. This song sounds marvelous either way. In both versions, the passion is real, raw, and relevant. This is one of our favorite pieces from them, period.

The Menzingers – ‘America (You’re Freaking Me Out)’

They’ve got the point here, America is for sure freaking us out. Reworked this ode calls out the wrong with both the political world and the real world. Standing up for a better tomorrow, this song is a full-anthem.

The Menzingers – ‘High School Friends’

Harmonica? Hell yeah. Raising hell with high school friends? A memory that could bring tears right to our eyes. Depth that goes beyond its track mates, this jam just had to be featured here. Lyrical brilliance and vocal elegance, it is beautiful.

The Menzingers – ‘Strangers Forever’

This sucker punches us right in the emotions. You can pick up all types of vibes from ‘Strangers Forever’ musically, but lyrically the point is very clear.

From Exile has made its debut – dropping September 25th, and hasn’t stopped being spun since. Available on all streaming platforms is the re-imagined, stripped-down version of Hello Exile. Additionally, available on vinyl November 13th, From Exile, can be pre-ordered via the band’s website – here. The record was recorded, well from exile… sort of. From the band’s respective homes in isolation during COVID-19 quarantine, the band made sheer magic once again. 

To top it off, The Menzingers will perform a full-band-career-span livestream concert. As a part of the Live At Studio 4 series, we’ll see a stream of electric full-band fantasy as well as a stripped-down portion in celebration of release From Exile. The livestream is curated by longtime producer and friend Will Yip. Taking place at his renowned Philadelphia studio on Saturday, October 10th at 6pm PDT/9pm EDT.

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Tickets are on-sale now via Live At Studio 4’s website here. The full livestream will be available on-demand to ticket holders for 72 hours, so make sure you grab yours ASAP. Let us know what your favorites off the album are by commenting down below, or catching us @TheHoneyPop.

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To learn more about The Menzingers: FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER | WEBSITE | YOUTUBE

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Epitaph Records

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