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Grayscale Welcomes Us To The Late Sh!t Show

Grayscale Welcomes Us To The Late Sh!t Show

As if being the coolest dudes around, making undeniably rad tunes, or having top tier merch wasn’t enough – Grayscale is back to give us more.

Vocalist Collin Walsh, Guitarists Dallas Molster and Andrew Kyne, Bassist Nick Ventimiglia, and drummer Nick Veno are coming together again to announce The Late Sh!t Show With Grayscale. Taking place on Sunday, Oct. 11, at 7 pm EST, you can score tickets here.  

Fans worldwide can scoop these tickets and view the livestream whenever their little heart desires, as the content will be available for a limited time after. If you can’t catch this one in real-time, don’t fret – it’ll be around for a bit.

Philadelphia’s very own will deliver the 0-time Emmy award-winning talk show led by host Herb Strohman. Said to be a narcissistic, self-indulgent, asshole (we’ve all known one of those in real life) drinking on the job is certainly not something he’d do…or is it? Join along as Herb provides a roller coaster of chaos, celebrity guest interviews, exclusive first-look at a new Grayscale song and music video premiere, performances, and more!  

While the band has yet to release what we might get to hear performed on the stream, here are some of our hopeful contenders:

Grayscale – ‘Tommy’s Song’

While nothing, no one, anywhere, any time will ever top this particular performance of this song (we know, we were there), there is hope that we will get to hear it performed live again, and maybe this is our chance!

Grayscale – ‘Irish Curtains’

This jam is one of our all-time favorite Grayscale songs. Some may not be super familiar with this one from the early days but now is your chance. Don’t miss it. We’re dying to hear this one live because the vocals and their variations through this song make us melt.

Grayscale – ‘Baby Blue [Reworked]’

The Live At The Barbershop Studios EP was magical; we all know that. We added this bop for the sole purpose of Colin and the tambourine. This song rocks any way it’s delivered; we miss it, and we’re dying to see it live again. 

Grayscale- ‘Young’

There isn’t too much in the world that makes us feel good right now, but ‘Young’, it does that. Full of feel-goodness, we can’t help but love this song always. While some of us may have a personal connection to this one, anyone can benefit from seeing this song live.

Regardless of what Grayscale plays for us, You DO NOT want to miss this. Limited tickets and merchandise are available now, all while supplies last.

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What are you most excited to see on The Late Sh!t Show? Let us know by commenting down below or giving us a shout @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

Need more Grayscale? Luckily, we’ve got you covered here.

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