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We’re Fallin’ In Love With Why Don’t We All Over Again Thanks To Their New Single

We’re Fallin’ In Love With Why Don’t We All Over Again Thanks To Their New Single

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Why Don’t We have kept fans in the dark for months now so they could write, record, and produce new music. They made their grand return with the announcement of a new single!

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That single, ‘Fallin,’ is out now, along with its highly-anticipated music video. We’ve watched the video on repeat because it’s THAT amazing. Why Don’t We went from a boyband to a rock band in a matter of months, and we’re not even remotely mad about it. This new sound and era have got us star-struck and mesmerized. Check out the video for yourself!


Now that you’ve gotten a feel for just how amazing Why Don’t We and this new era are, come along with us as we break down the ‘Fallin’ video, and what we love most about it!

Overall Aesthetic

First and foremost, the overall aesthetic of the video is very visually pleasing. There are no clashing colors or over the top effects, and that less-is-more vibe is perfect for a song like ‘Fallin.’ It doesn’t take away too much from the song itself, but instead adds to it, which we feel is what a music video should be! We love the subtle nods to other artists in the industry like Queen for example!

Daniel Seavey On Drums

Hello, yes to this! We didn’t even know we needed this in our lives until we got it! He crushes that drumbeat like the badass we always knew he was, and we wouldn’t be mad if we got more drum solos throughout the rest of this era.

Jonah Marais On Keyboard

Once again, we did not expect this pleasant surprise, but we are sure glad we got it! His subtle piano mixed in amongst the heavy rock beats and fierce guitar riffs awaken something inside of us. We can’t help the excitement that bursts out of us, and we are begging for more piano Jonah!

Corbyn Besson, Zach Herron, and Jack Avery on Guitar

These guys delivered on the musical content we’ve all been craving- them playing instruments live. We haven’t been fully-deprived of these guys performing for us, but seeing them all together and rocking out hard is everything we always wanted. So, thank you to whoever decided that was a great idea because it was!

The Individual Members Solos

All five members of Why Don’t We are out-of-this-world talented, not just vocally but instrumentally as well. We love that each member got an adequate amount of singing time as well as getting to show off their instrumental skills. Plus, we did enjoy how much fun they seemed to be having during the shoot and how hyped they were. In return, we became more and more hyped right along with them.

The Lyrics And Those Harmonies

Some of the greatest rock songs have the most poetic lyrics, and ‘Fallin’ is no exception. The song has lines like “Caught in the moment, not even thinkin’ twice. Everything’s frozen, nothing but you and I. Can’t stop my heart from beating, why do I love this feeling?” And, “Oh, baby, I can feel the rush of adrenaline. I’m not scared to jump if you want to. Let’s just fall in love for the hell of it, maybe, we’ll just keep fallin.” How do you NOT fall in love with them and this song? 

The Fans Reactions

As usual, our favorite part of every new single/ video released is how the fans react to it. That’s why we do what we do – because we’re fans, too, and that’s why Why Don’t We do what they do, for their fans. So, we will leave you with some of our favorite fan reactions to the music video!

There you have it, LIMELIGHTS, our breakdown of the ‘Fallin’ music video! We hope you enjoyed it, and don’t forget to stream the song wherever you stream music!

What do you think of the ‘Fallin’ music video? Is it everything you expected it to be? What part of the video was your favorite? Comment down below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! Or talk to more limelights like you at The Hive!


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Featured Image Source: as posted by Why Don’t We via Instagram

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