5 Times Zayn Wowed Us With His Halloween Costumes

5 Times Zayn Wowed Us With His Halloween Costumes

It’s that time again! Spooky season has returned, and even if you’re getting all spooked up to stay home, we could all learn a thing or boo from costume master Zayn Malik! Here are 5 times Zayn wowed us with his Halloween costumes!

Edward from Edward Scissorhands

Image Source: Twitter

Zayn got that blending ‘down and down‘ with his makeup and costume inspired by the beloved Tim Burton flick. From the shears to the all black leather jumpsuit, the costume is so good we had to do a double-take!

Neo from The Matrix

Image Source: Getty Images for Harpers Baazar

Zayn definitely made our simulations glitch with this show-stopping costume inspired by Neo from The Matrix, worn to celebrate his birthday. With Gigi by his side as Trinity, Keanu Reeves would give this duo a standing ovation for their effort.

Batman from Batman Begins

Image Source: Pinterest

Don’t get us wrong, we are SO excited to see Robert Pattinson put his spin on Batman, but Zayn looks ready to kick some Joker butt with this bat-tastic costume! All he needs now is the Batmobile.

Rockstar from KISS

Image Source: Pinterest/Mikayla Wright on Pinterest

Of course we had to include a 1D throwback when talking Zayn and costumes! Zouis dressing up as rockstars from KISS gives us life! From their makeup all the way to their expressions and gestures, these costumes are totally rocking!

Spiderman from Spiderman

Image Source: Gigi Hadid via Instagram

Although far from home, Zayn is always ready to fight as Spiderman! With Gigi by his side, the duo take couples costumes to the next level! Now that their little one has graced us earth-side, we wonder if she’ll be joining in on the family fun this Halloween!

What is your favourite costume Zayn has worn? Let us know in the comments or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP!


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Featured Image Source: Jason Merritt for Getty Images

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