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Alicia Keys Flawlessly Shows Us Her Visuals & How To Change The World, On GQ Hype

Alicia Keys Flawlessly Shows Us Her Visuals & How To Change The World, On GQ Hype

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Alicia Keys and GQ Hype team up to show you why you always have to keep an ear out for Alicia.

If There Is A Will, There Is A Way

Image Source: GQ Hype, James Bailey

Alicia Keys recently was the cover star for British GQ’s magazine, GQ Hype. In the interview, she discusses a lot of important things such as her career, the music industry ,and her on going fight to help reach for peace and equality, like demanding justice for Breonna Taylor.

 “….She deserves to be alive. She deserves to be able to sleep in her bed and wake up the next morning and continue on with her life. And she deserves for the people who ended her life to be held accountable. So how do I think that they handled it? They didn’t handle it! And that is outrageous and completely unacceptable.”

Alicia Keys, about the death of Breonna Taylor (via GQ Hype)

In the article she also talks about what it means to be in the music industry for her, how she and other women often over-work. Also discussing how she reached full confidence.

“When you really can feel comfortable and grounded and like you belong somewhere? That took until much later… the confidence, I think, increased, and also the bravery to stick to what I wanted to say or to feel how I feel and just get it out there.”

Alicia Keys (via GQ Hype)

There is a lot that is special about Alicia, such as her way with words. Alicia knows what to say and how to show all of her emotion in it. Even if you are reading what she says, you know she means it full heartedly.


Image Source: GQ Hype, James Bailey

There is always a lot of Alicia Keys going around lately. She is someone who is an inspiration for everyone. As a fighter for equal rights, a singer, and creator (for many things). There is really nothing that she leaves off the table.

Also, while you’re checking out her full interview, which you can do here, Alicia has released her new long awaited album ALICIA. Make sure to listen to it as much as your heart desires and save it your playlists! You can check where it’s available for streaming, here.

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As much as we say we can’t get tired of Alicia, it’s true, no one is doing it like her! Are you going to be checking out Alicia’s interview for GQ Hype? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: GQ Hype, James Bailey

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