Here’s Why You Should Look Out For Rina Sawayama And Her Upcoming Tour!

Look, we’re officially whipped for this girl in the best way possible. Rina Sawayama has decided to gift us exciting news about her tour dates! She just announced the rescheduling of her North American tour dates, and we’re screaming in excitement. Here’s why you should look out for Rina Sawayama and her upcoming tour, too!

The tour will start on September 28th, 2021 and have twelve stops throughout the country. Compared to the previous dates, Sawayama added an additional date in San Francisco and Denver, but the downside is that she had to cancel her Los Angeles date. If you haven’t already bought tickets, you can still snag some here!

These are the new tour dates for The Dynasty Tour. All of the original tickets will be honored. The previously scheduled San Francisco show will be honored for the 9/28 show only. As for The Webster Hall show, it will be relocated to the Brooklyn Steel, and tickets will be honored for this as well. 

Rina Sawayama announces new tour dates for the fall of 2020
Image Source: Rina Sawayama via Twitter

The initial tour announcement was made after the release of her critically acclaimed debut album, SAWAYAMA. Sawayama herself describes the album to be about family after the realization dawned on her when she was in the process of conducting it:

The album ultimately is about family and identity. It’s about understanding yourself in the context of two opposing cultures (for me British and Japanese), what ‘belonging’ means when home is an evolving concept, figuring out where you sit comfortably within and awkwardly outside of stereotypes, and ultimately trying to be ok with just being you, warts and all.”

Rina Sawayama

Of course, Sawayama has gotten tons of compliments for her debut album. Rolling Stone says that the album is a “thrilling musical adventure,” and The New York Times has said that it’s a “creative promise of music in the streaming era.” It’s amazing to see how quickly Sawayama grew as an artist and how loved she is in the music industry! To us, SAWAYAMA is a perfect blend of alternative-pop, rock, and R&B that effortlessly blends to tell her captivating story. We honestly love to see it!

If you haven’t heard of Rina Sawayama, you probably know one of her songs that blew up on the charts, ‘XS.’ Sawayama was born in Niigata, Japan, but when she was five years old, Sawayama and her family emigrated to the UK. Although fascinated by music since her teenage years, Sawayama didn’t start getting involved with the music scene until her college years. The struggles that Sawayama has faced throughout her life are reflected beautifully in her music. It’s truly something everyone needs to listen to.

We’re glad to have the new tour dates and excited to see Sawayama on tour next fall! How about you guys? Which tour stops do you want to go to? Are you going to any? Comment down your thoughts down below, tweet us @thehoneypop, or reach out to us on Instagram or Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Rina Sawayama via Twitter

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