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How MGK Won’t Let Us Lose Our Buzz: A Fan Reaction

How MGK Won’t Let Us Lose Our Buzz: A Fan Reaction

As the high of Tickets To My Downfall starts to level out, MGK couldn’t let us lose our buzz releasing six new tracks on Tickets To My Downfall (Sold Out Deluxe) paired with a celebratory video for the smash hit ‘Drunk Face.’

After last Friday, Machine Gun Kelly began his official trek into the rock world with his fifth studio album; he’s showed us fans no signs of slowing down. As always, we’re eternally thankful for this man and his second round of songs to satisfy our everlasting thirst for all things MGK.

Before we jump into everything we love about the deluxe release, we want to highlight the altruism that is MGK. The music video for ‘drunk face’ was directed by the man, myth, and legend himself, alongside pal Mod Sun. The various shots were filmed on the release day for Tickets to My Downfall and prove a thrilling marathon that is Machine Gun Kelly’s life. From catching flights, celebratory videos, and candid Megan-Colson moments, release day was an eventful one. Get your fix here:

MGK – ‘drunk face’

The deluxe edition of his latest project includes six additional songs which include the acoustic version of smash hit ‘bloody valentine’ and previously released cover ‘misery business’ that packs a unique punch of its very own. Also included in the additional song track listing are songs ‘body bag’ feat. Yungblud & Bert McCraken of The Used (holy shit, it rocks – but we’ll get there.), ‘hangover cure’, ‘split a pill’ and ‘can’t look back’.

While every single additional track rocks our socks, we’re going to take a quick look at the ones we dug the most.

1. MGK ft. Yungblud & Bert McCracken – ‘body bag’

Because, obviously, this song was one we’ve been waiting forever since the blonde don teased us with a tweet about the feature. One hell of a triple threat, MGK, Yungblud & McCracken makes absolute magic. The trios vocals’ combination makes for a fast-paced, catchy as hell, badass pop-punk jam. Damn, is it good!

2. MGK – can’t look back

Shiiiiiiit. Number two naturally. We’re jamming this one, LOUDLY. Relatable lyrics, as always, we love the sound of this in every way there is to love.

MGK – ‘Misery Business’

What’s better than an MGK x Travis Barker collab? Not much. One of our favorite pair-ups, this song had to be featured because not only is it a tight cover of a classic pop-punk anthem, it’s executed flawlessly.

Prouder than ever thought possible, seeing the happiness this album has brought to fans and MGK alike, we’re in untouchable territory.

What is YOUR favorite deluxe track? Let us know by catching us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

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