We’re Breaking Down About Calvin Harris’ Deconstructed ‘Over Now’

We’re Breaking Down About Calvin Harris’ Deconstructed ‘Over Now’

Calvin Harris and The Weeknd released collaboration ‘Over Now’ back in August. We all were crazy about the collab and just couldn’t get enough!

Just when we thought things couldn’t get any better the pair dropped ‘Over Now’ deconstructed. If you haven’t heard this one yet you should get on that like now!

Along with the deconstructed version of ‘Over Now’, we also got a really cool video which you can view below!

We are loving the video for the song it was a creative way of making a video for it also. The way the video shows how the song was put together and the different ways that it was made is so cool.

Getting to see the process of how the deconstructed version of the song comes about in the video is so interesting. We have always wanted to see a look into things and this is giving us just that. Like you don’t have to image what went into it because the video shows you. This is something that is a fan must-see.

We, here at The Honey Pop are living for this new version of ‘Over Now’ and the video just tops the cake! What are you thinking of this version of the song? How do you like the video? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or find us over on Facebook or Instagram!



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Featured Image Source Courtesy: Samantha Brensilber (Lede Company Team)

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