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We’ve Found What We’re Looking For, Ashton Irwin’s New Single

We’ve Found What We’re Looking For, Ashton Irwin’s New Single


The king of versatility takes our breath away once again as we scream along to the lyrics of his newest solo track, ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For’. Ashton Irwin’s solo album is looking to be one of the riveting quarantine born projects as he shows a side of him we rarely get to see in his role as the drummer of 5 Seconds of Summer.

We knew the lyrical ability was there, and we’ve seen snippets of him playing other instruments, but the rawness of this project brings out something totally different and we are ready for the rollercoaster Superbloom is going to take us on at the end of this month. October is usually a month we lather in, but we’re begging this one to hurry by.

This track, along with his first single, ‘Skinny Skinny’ was also produced and co-written by Matthew Pauling, a friend of Irwin who has also produced for 5 Seconds of Summer, All Time Low, State Champs, blink-182, and many other artists.

Although the second single from his first solo project, ‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For’ is the song that started it all. Ashton explains some behind of the scene details on how this album came to be in a newsletter sent out to fans, and if this is a feel of the vibe he’s going for, it’s going to be nothing less of a masterpiece.

“Matt came down to my studio and we got chatting about the vibe I was into musically at that point in time and what I was thinking some of my demos were starting to sound like. He played the HUFWULF? chords. My mind instantly went to imagining footage of the band U2 playing in Italy to 80,000 people. I told Matt I wanted an awesome tempo that was reminiscent of The Verve’s, “Bitter Sweet Symphony” with the sonic edge of the band I love called Failure.”

Ashton Irwin in a Recent Newsletter

The intro to the song is euphoric, a complete contrast from the lyrics and the meaning behind the track. Dream-like almost and attention-grabbing, Irwin’s voice takes us on a ride through a fight inside his own head. Ashton has always been vocal about mental health so the deepness of the topic wasn’t a surprise but the vulnerability of the lyrics are absolutely breathtaking.

“Tied up, hazy, and emotionally unaware
Everest is the bathroom at the top of the godd*mn stairs”

For those fighting the same fight, the parallel of simply taking a shower can be as hard as climbing Mount Everest as your stuck in a hazy state of mind, the fact that he was able to put this horrible feeling so beautifully into words baffles us.

The chorus comes in as a breath of fresh air, a release from the haziness, as Ashton Irwin bellows out and becomes a hand pulling you out of the darkness, a “beacon of light” as he called it.

“The simplicity of the statement “have you found what you’re looking for?” seemed like a beacon of light! It was the overarching question. Why do we do what we do in our everyday lives and what are we really hoping to attain?”

Ashton Irwin via a RecentNewsletter

You can feel the fight between the person and their depression as they try to break out of that haziness for good to be that person and that light they were looking for.

“Always wanting to see clearer
Will I find the tiger’s dinner?
Waiting while my hair grows thinner”

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Waiting around wondering if they’re good enough, if they can get through and see the light, the bridge leads up to angelic final chorus filled with heavy guitar, and spectacular vocals that leaves a question lingering in your mind, ‘‘Have U Found What Ur Looking For’?

What do you think of Ashton Irwin’s solo project? Which single is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments or tweet us over @thehoneypop!


Featured Image Source via Ashton Irwin on Instagram

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