It Doesn’t Get Much ‘Better’ Than This: The Vamps Fans React To New Song and Video

It Doesn’t Get Much ‘Better’ Than This: The Vamps Fans React To New Song and Video

The Vamps own every piece of our hearts and live in our heads rent-free. We’ve been stanning them for so long now we’re not even sure what life was like pre-vamps, and we don’t want to.

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The band keeps hitting us full throttle with every new release. This time, it’s a song that many would describe as god-like, have to say that we whole-heartedly agree with them (psst, that was us!) ‘Better’ is officially our new 2020 anthem as we impatiently wait for the New Year and to put an end to this horrible year. This song instantly lifted our mood and has got us like:

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Of the single Bradley Will Simpson, who is The Vamps lead singer, says:

Better is a song set in the context of a relationship, about not settling for less than you feel you deserve. Falling out of love but not forgetting the reason you fell into it and working hard to get back there. It has a wider meaning though, the main lyric being “I won’t settle for less than best” is a mantra that can be applied to anyone at any point in their life, whether it is in a relationship or whether it’s fulfilling your personal potential, you should always be striving to be and do the best you can.


Along with the release of the single, the band dropped a mesmerizing music video! The video is perfectly simple but still keeps our attention drawn to every aspect of it. The rhythmic and invigorating, 80s style dance beats paired with the hypnotizing vocals consume our entire being (mind, body, and soul,) and we find ourselves happily dancing and singing along. Check out the video below, and let the music take you into a whole new world!

Now that you have watched the video, it’s time you step into the world of stanning! One of our favorite parts of having new music from our faves is getting to see how the fans react! The verdict is in the Vamily, are LIVING for this one!

Song Reactions

Video Reactions

Image Source: Tenor

This tweet pretty much sums it up! So, we’ll leave you with that! Stream ‘Better,’ and don’t forget to pre-order Cherry Blossom!

What do you think of The Vamps’ latest single and video? Which of their three new singles is your fave? Have you pre-ordered Cherry Blossom? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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Featured Image Source: as posted by The Vamps via Instagram

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