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KPOP Hotspot: The Comebacks Of October 2020

KPOP Hotspot: The Comebacks Of October 2020

Hello October, and hello comebacks! Welcome back to KPOP HotSpot, and as you can see, we got a lot going on this October. Numerous comebacks in the fall are nothing new for KPOP, but this year, it seems like almost everyone is preparing new projects! From a few debuts to some major comebacks from our faves, this is one jam-packed month! Us KPOP stans are about to be spoiled with all the talent! Check out which of your favorite groups are releasing new music and some of the new faces we’re about to meet!


Image Source: YG Entertainment via Twitter

One of the most anticipated comebacks is almost finally here. After wishing, expecting, and waiting for so long, BLACKPINK is finally getting their first full album, The Album! They’re coming back on October 2nd with an 8-track long album, including their already released hits ‘How You Like That’ and ‘Ice Cream’ featuring Selena Gomez. The tracklist also revealed that a song featured Cardi B and that Jennie and Jisoo participated in the writing process of the main title track, ‘Lovesick Girls.’ Knowing how good the first two songs were and seeing how captivating and gorgeous the teasers were, the expectations are high, and we’re confident they won’t disappoint. It seems like this time, BLACKPINK is not holding back and are ready to give us everything we’ve been waiting for, and we could not be more excited and ready for it!

Dates To Remember: October 2nd – Comeback

Image Source: Rocket3 via Twitter

It’s been nearly a year since we’ve heard a comeback from this beauty, and the time has finally come for it! Our ballad queen Ailee is back with a new mini-album, which will be released on October 6th. Her agency Rocket3 Entertainment says that her title track ‘우리 사랑한 동안 (When We Were In Love)’ will be a ballad and has the perfect autumn night feel to it. We’re always looking forward to hearing Ailee’s vocals and excited to hear what’s to come from the newest addition to our collection.

Dates To Remember: October 6th – Comeback

Image Source: Golden Child via Twitter

Get ready everyone, because Golden Child is Back! While we did get to see them during Road To Kingdom this past season, we have been waiting for this group to make a comeback! Their 2nd single album will be releasing on October 7th with the lead track, ‘Pump It Up’! If you haven’t checked Golden Child out before, well, what are you waiting for? You do not want to miss this! 

Dates To Remember: October 7th – Comeback

Source Image: Weki Meki via Twitter

The ladies of Weki Meki are staying booked and busy with their third comeback this year! Their 4th mini-album <NEW RULES> is set to drop on October 8th with two gorgeous versions to choose from. The concept photos for the Break Ver. show the group styled elegantly in chic black suits surrounded by scattered trophies, flowers, and chains. Their rebellious expressions let us know they’re ready to shatter expectations. Meanwhile, in the Take Ver. the girls confidently model stylish streetwear. The concept video highlights their mischievous side, and the playful music gives us a hint about what to expect from the title track. If it’s anything like their previous anthems, we know we’ll be dancing right along with them!

Dates To Remember: October 8th – Comeback

Source Image: P Nation via Twitter

After PSY piqued our attention with a cryptic post last week, we’ve been wondering which P Nation artist would be making a comeback next. It turns out it’s none other than DAWN! Since his solo debut with ‘MONEY,’ we’ve been waiting almost a year for new music from the multi-talented artist. But the wait is almost over, and we know it’s going to be worth it. DAWN’s first mini-album DAWNDIDIDAWN drops on October 9th alongside the music video for the title track of the same name. Also appearing on the track is someone who knows how to make a catchy song, P Nation family member Jessi. The announcement teaser previews a high-energy song built up with whistle tones and drum beats. We’re really hoping it will continue the laid-back hip-hop vibes of his previous self-composed music.

Dates To Remember: October 9th – Comeback

Image Source: Starship Entertainment

It’s been some time since we’ve heard about a solo project done by Joohoney of Monsta X. We’re glad to announce that our favorite honey bee announced his newest mixtape called, Psyche! The mixtape will come out three days after he celebrates his 26th birthday on October 6th. As far as we know, the mixtape is rumored to have10 tracks of pure gold. We can’t wait to see a killer flow from one of the main rappers who is also a singer-songwriter and producer of Monsta X.

Dates To Remember: 10/9 – Mixtape Release

NCT 2020
Source Image: SM Entertainment via Twitter

NCITY in the house! When all of the NCT sub-units tweeted out the teaser for NCT 2020, NCTZENS, understandably, lost it. Since NCT 2018, fans have been waiting and theorizing that NCT 2020 was coming, and they were right! Not only are we getting to see our favorite 21 guys together and interacting, but we also get to meet two new faces (hi Shotaro and Sungchan!). The new album will feature 12 original songs and member units that we have been dreaming of! We can’t wait to see each of the members have their moment to shine during this comeback, and we know that NCT 2020 will go down in history!

Dates To Remember: October 12th – Comeback
October 16th – Physical copies available in the U.S.

Image Source: Cube Entertainment via Twitter

Pentagon has kept us entertained this summer with their live online concert, their appearance on Road To Kingdom, and the release fo their first Japanese album! But now, the boys are back as they are about to drop their 10th mini-album! The group announced this with the drop of a teaser trailer, and you can imagine how our hearts soared watching it and seeing Yanan appear; we are so excited that he is back with his members for this comeback! [WE:TH] will be releasing on October 12th, so get yourselves ready; we are sure to be in for something special. 

Dates To Remember: October 12th – Comeback

Image Source: VERIVERY via Twittter

VERIVERY has returned to send us to outer space with FACE it ep.3: [FACE US]! The rising group is dropping their 5th mini album! With their new comeback film, they teased more creepy elements for the third installment. We can’t wait to see more amazing choreography and vocals from them!

Dates To RememberOctober 2/3/4/5/6, official photos and videos
October 7th – highlight medley
October 12th – MV teaser
October 13th -Comeback (album and MV release)

Image Source via Twitter

Breakout girl group Weeekly is here to bring more fun to your weekday! Say ‘Hello’ to their first comeback, 2nd mini-album We Can! The fun-loving group has already shared colorful new concept photos, and we’re counting down the days! ‘Tag Me’ when it’s here!

Dates To Remember: October 2/3 – We Can spoilers
October 5th – tracklist
October 7th – highlight medley
October 9th – MV teaser
October 13th – Comeback (album and MV teaser)

Image Source: M.O.N.T via Twitter

MINTS are you ready?. On the heels of their August 2020 release of Burgundy TAPE, rising group M.O.N.T is having a comeback! Their upcoming comeback, is set for an October 16th release of third album Listen Up! So far we have got an intro video, letting all of us know that they will also be having an online show-con. Which, if you comment on their announcement video on YouTube, 5 lucky winners will get a chance to win a free ticket to the show! You should probably jump on that, the boys are always fun to watch. If you aren’t already following the boys make sure you do, so you can be up to date with all the new updates and teasers.

Dates To Remember: October 16th – Comeback

Image Source: The Seoul Story via Twitter

Can you believe that it’s been three years since Rollin’ was released? Well, if you have been missing B1A4, get excited, because the group will be making their highly anticipated return on October 19th. While each of the three members, CNU, Sandeul, and Gongchan, have been busy with their amazing solo careers, we can’t wait to see what they will come up with on their new full-length album! 

Dates To Remember: October 19th – Comeback

Image Source: LOONA via Twitter

It seems like it was yesterday when Loona made a 180-degree turn and released ‘So What’ getting them their first win in a music show, but that was in February, and now they’re back! Loona will release their 3rd mini-album, 12:00, with eight songs, including the English version of one of the new songs and, of course, the title track, ‘Why Not?’. This comeback is definitely one to look forward to and keep an eye on as they keep dropping concept photos where each of the members looked absolutely beautiful. Loona doesn’t seem to be able to be stopped when it comes to popularity, and this will be their biggest comeback to date for sure!

Dates To Remember: October 19th – Comeback

Image Source: Pledis Entertainment

CARATS are you ready? SEVENTEEN finally announced a comeback and that’s just three months after they blessed us with their catchy song ’Left & Right’. The thirteen-member group is coming back to us with a special album called Semicolon set to release on October 19th at 6PM KST. The boys dropped a cinematic teaser video titled The Invitation For Youth and the comeback seems to focus on the working hard, playing hard and resting hard. What a mood to be honest! We cannot wait for what’s to come and what SEVENTEEN will bring to the KPOP scene this time. One thing is for sure, a great choreography is to be expected!

Dates To Remember: October 19th – Comeback

Image Source: BigHit Entertainment via Twitter

They’ve arrived again! Tomorrow X Together is releasing their 3rd mini-album, minisode1 : Blue Hour! This album will tell a little story about TXT before moving onto the next series after The Dream Chapter. It will have a refreshing title track concept and is complemented with a cute and fresh pixel logo. We look forward to the adventure we’ll go on!

Dates To Remember: October 26th – Comeback

Image Source: JYP Entertainment

For a couple of months, all we knew were rumors, but now it’s official, Twice is coming back on October 26th! They just released their third Japanese album, but there really seems to be nothing stopping them as they’re celebrating their 5th anniversary. For now, there’s not much we know about the comeback, but we have a date, and we know they’re finally releasing their second full-length album, and that’s enough to get us more than excited. It won’t be long until the album title and teasers are revealed, but knowing them, it’ll be amazing! No one expected them to release something like ‘More & More,’ and yet they did, and it was incredible in every way! So, there’s no way to know what’s in store for ONCES, but we’re for sure ready to be blown away by their talent again.

Dates To Remember: October 26th – Comeback


Image Source: WEi via Twitter

OUI Entertainment’s new boy group WEi are ready to debut on October 5th with mini-album IDENTITY : First Sight. The teaser for the title track ‘Twilight’ is chilled and cheerful as the boys have fun against a pretty pastel backdrop. “Hey, I know that guy,” we hear you say. And you’d be right! Yohan placed first on the most recent seasons of the hit survival series Produce 101 and debuted in project group X1. Meanwhile, Donghan competed on the 2nd series and became a member of fan-chosen group JBJ. Since then, he’s been successfully promoting as a solo artist. Daehyeon and Seokhwa also appeared on Produce 101 season, then on to form temporary group Rainz and compete on YG’s Treasure Box, respectively. Members Yongha and Junseo took part in another survival show Under 19 and promoted as part of their debut lineup, 1THE9. Whew! With résumés like that, there’s no doubt these boys will do well!

Dates To Remember: October 5th – Debut

Image Source: WJSN via Twitter

Just when we thought Cosmic Girls couldn’t get any sweeter, they debut sub unit WJSN- CHOCOME! Members Soobin, Luda, Yeorum, and Dayoung are getting ready to release their first single album on October 7th. Along with the title track ‘Hmph!’, we can also look forward to ‘YaYaYa’ which promises to be a lot of fun. We have no hints yet about what they will sound like, but the concept photos tease bubbly girl-group pop. With the clear and bright vocals, we can always expect from WJSN, of course. The concept images show the girls looking cute and sweet in three different candy themes. They flawlessly rock each look from colourful magical girl style, pretty pastel dresses, and retro outfits. And if the aegyo filled GIFs are anything to go by, this debut will be the perfect fix for our October candy cravings!

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Dates To Remember: October 7th – Debut


Image Source: Super Junior via Twitter

There are two things it just doesn’t feel like fall without; Halloween and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun. Luckily for us, the Autumn Prince returns on October 8th with a brand new single. This will be the second part of his 4 Seasons [季] Project, which brings us a new song each time the season changes. ‘Daystar’ is an emotional autumn ballad wrapped in Kyuhyun’s warm, comforting vocals. It is probably the most anticipated track from the series thanks to his iconic ‘At Gwanghwamun’ which crowned him fall royalty. As if this wasn’t exciting enough, the music video also stars actor Yoo Yeon Seok (Hospital Playlist), who brings all the feels. In the teaser, we see him melancholically going about his daily life before breaking down in tears. This will be the perfect thing to warm up those chilly October nights!

Dates To Remember: October 8th – Single Release


Image Source: SM Entertainment via Twitter

Our lovely Chen from EXO is giving us more music! We all adore Chen’s soothing vocals and whenever there’s a release, we just have to listen. On October 15th, Chen is releasing a digital single called, ‘Hello.’ We’re excited to hear some original music from Chen and can’t wait to hear what he has in store for us. Let’s get ready to have our minds blown!

Dates To Remember: October 15th – Single Release

Japanese Comebacks

Image Source: GFRIEND via Twitter

GFriend is about to make waves in Japan with their new digital releases, coming on October 14th and 21st. Arriving first will be single album 回:LABYRINTH ~Crossroads~, which features Japanese versions of their tracks ‘Labyrinth’ and ‘Crossroads.’ Both of these songs have high-intensity beats and delicate vocals that are sure to translate perfectly to Japanese. Following this will be 回:Song of the Sirens ~Apple~ made up of singles ‘Apple’ and ‘Tarot Cards’ from their 9th Korean mini-album. While ‘Apple’ has a sweet and upbeat style, ‘Tarot Cards’ is more percussion-heavy and would be right at home in an anime opening. It’s been almost a year since GFriend’s last Japanese comeback, and BUDDY all over the world are looking forward to these sweet releases!

Dates To Remember: October 14th – LABYRINTH Release

October 21st – SSong of the Sirens Release


Image Source: CIX via Twitter

After postponing their June comeback due to injury, CIX’s company, C9 Entertainment, released a statement in August saying that their goal is to have their 3rd mini-album released in October. We still haven’t gotten a confirmed date yet, but we expect to hear things soon! We also send our best wishes to Jinyoung and the rest of the members, and we can’t wait to see what you boys have to bring to the table with this comeback!

Image Source: Drippin via Twitter

We cannot wait for the debut of the new boy group DRIPPIN. We’ve been hearing that they will hopefully be making their debut this month, but until we know more, we recommend you watch their web-series WE ARE DRIPPIN! to get to know the boys a little more!

Image Source: Laboum via Twitter

It’s been a year since Laboum’s last comeback. The members have all been doing solo projects, but now they are coming back together for their next mini-album! While we know it’s in October, we are still waiting for more details to drop, and we can’t wait for them to be announced!

Image Source: YG Entertainment

We have been hearing quite a few rumors that WINNER’s Mino might be having a solo comeback this month. However, we have no information as of yet, so we will just have to wait and see! YG, please, tell us something soon!

Image Source: P1Harmony via Twitter

We’ve been treated to some teaser photos and videos from the new six-member group, and a post on their Twitter is claiming an October debut. We’re just waiting for the official date to be announced, but don’t worry, P1Harmony, we’ll be here waiting for when the debut day comes! 

We think it’s safe to say that KPOP is about to get crazy. If you’re a multi stan (like us here at THP), we hope you enjoy this month of some legendary comebacks. And don’t worry, we here at THP will have all you need to prepare for all these comebacks!

GIF Source: gfycat

Which comeback are you most excited for? Is one of your ults having a comeback? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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