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LANY Return With An Album That Has Us Seriously In Our Feelings!

LANY Return With An Album That Has Us Seriously In Our Feelings!

It is safe to say we at THP have been firm fans of LANY for some time. Malibu Nights may just be in the author of this article’s top 5 albums of all time. So, you could forgive us for being slightly bias towards the release of the highly anticipated Mama’s Boy

‘you!’ ‘if this is the last time’ and ‘cowboy in LA’ certainly teased us and left us eager for the rest of the collection. With them all being catchy and blissful in a way that only LANY can do, we were on the edges of our seats in anticipation of the moment we would get to hear the album from start to finish.

As the lyrics from ‘you!’ say, LANY truly has something that is “beautiful and rare,” the unashamed emotionally vulnerable lyrics and flow of this album are simply stunning.

From songs of reflection like ‘i still talk to Jesus’ and others with self-doubt like ‘good guys,’ we were enthralled and moved from start to finish. Mama’s Boy is one of those albums that we didn’t know how much we needed, but now we undoubtedly can’t be without.

Every track harbors something special and unique that, in its own way, will connect with you. The bond between the songs and yourself will only get stronger each time you listen. The chilled musicality and haunting moments, elevating and emotionally charging each time. Our personal faves atm are ‘paper,’ ‘sharing you,’ and ‘sad.’ But if you asked us to just pick one, we couldn’t!


Even if alt-pop isn’t your deal, give LANY the chance to change your mind. If any band can, this would be the trio to do it. You can stream Mama’s Boy here!

As frontman Paul Klein says of his work “There was only one person in the world I cared about hearing Malibu Nights. Now there is not one person in the world I don’t want to hear Mama’s Boy.”

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