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Louis Tomlinson Reclaims the Throne as ‘Walls’ Climbs to #1 on iTunes Eights Months After Release!

Louis Tomlinson Reclaims the Throne as ‘Walls’ Climbs to #1 on iTunes Eights Months After Release!

Louis Tomlinson Image Source: LT HQ Official

Once again, Louis Tomlinson has made it, and together, ‘We Made It ’cause it’s always about the teamwork between louies and the legend himself, am I right?

Louis Tomlinson is a name that needs no introduction. He is an incredibly talented, sweet, witty, and beautiful singer-songwriter with a huge heart of gold and a little too British at heart. He took the world by storm after he released his emotionally charged solo debut album Walls on January 31, 2020, and he continued his world domination after Walls climbed up the charts all over the world yesterday, eight months after its release. Without any new release, announcement, or promo, a massive surge of +1084 points (yes, you read that right) was registered yesterday as the album hits #1 on iTunes.

After One Direction went on hiatus, Louis carved out space for himself as he leaned towards his authentic self. With his incredible songwriting prowess, he poured his heart and soul into his first solo album, which truly reflects what an incredible artist he is. He managed to showcase every element and emotion beautifully with his heartfelt, raw, and evocative lyrics, and his aesthetically pleasing vocals blend perfectly with the melodies that gave birth to the masterpiece, Walls.

Louis Tomlinson Image Source: LT HQ Official
Louis Tomlinson
Image Source: LT HQ Official

Stan twitter went into a frenzy after Louies and update accounts started promoting the album (like the pros they are) and trended ‘Buy Walls on iTunes’ on Twitter, which also hit #1 worldwide later. Sometimes, it feels like they really run Twitter, don’t they?

Without questioning what’s happening and being the most loyal and dedicated fandom as they are (undoubtedly) which is often recognized by Louis himself on multiple occasions, everyone collectively pushed the record so high that it first jumped 900 positions, then reached to 67 and 16, and later spot 34 and 5 on the Top 10 iTunes US Top Albums and the Top 3 iTunes US Pop Albums charts respectively. A few hours were enough to push the record to finally reclaim the throne on both the charts.

Of course, Louis Tomlinson joined in the enthusiasm. He didn’t miss the chance to come online to thank his fans once again and shared his gratitude by saying how incredibly impressed he was and how happy this made him which was simply reflecting through the vibe of his tweets.

Much to our delight, he also hinted that he is ‘cooking’ some fresh ‘bangers after bangers’ behind the scenes that we could be hearing in the near future, probably in 2021 but “who knows”, could be sooner.

When asked, he excitedly shared that he has already penned four songs in just four days. LEGENDARY!!! Though he refused to share any snippet or lyrics stating, ‘it’s far too soon for that s**t.’ But now that we know that the king is on his way to save the music industry in 2021, we can’t keep calm.

Being his usual ‘sassy self’, Louis casually interacted with his fans, thanked them for all the support so far, fanboyed over Oasis and gave us some phenomenal music recommendations (which we are definitely listening to right now), and said that he can’t wait to be on the road again and tour his album around. Same Louis, can’t wait to see you again.

Phew! Today was definitely a busy day for all of us but in the end, it was all worth it, wasn’t it? Pure madness but what a brilliant teamwork. So, why stop now when we can still stream, buy, listen to and appreciate Walls on iTunes and Spotify.

How thrilled are you feeling after hearing about new music incoming? What’s your favourite thing about Louis Tomlinson? Do you love him as much as we do? Share your thoughts with us on twitter @TheHoneyPop and connect to us Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: LT HQ Official

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  • Excelente trabajo es uno de los mejores artículos que he leído. gracias por apreciarlo y valorar el trabajo de Louis.
    más artículos como estos donde se ve el respeto.

  • This is such a great article! The writer highlighted everything from his song writing abilities, his vocal range, how beautiful his voice is, how powerful and pleasing the vocals are, how he is kindhearted, intelligent, witty, soft, caring, loving, energetic, honest, has a good mindset, and yet again- is incredibly talented, intelligent, and sharp he is. I loved reading every single bit!

  • Loved this article. Louis deserves the whole world. He’s such a sweet person.
    Walls is an amazing album. Can’t wait for another masterpiece…

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