Wallows Makes Our Heart Do ‘Virtual Aerobics’ With New Single & Video

Wallows Makes Our Heart Do ‘Virtual Aerobics’ With New Single & Video

Wholesome, quirky, and utterly talented Wallows know how to make a homie’s heart jump. Powerfully popping onto the radar recently, we can’t seem to get enough of this trio. Luckily for us, and all of you, Wallows has more creative content to make our heart rate incline.

Much like us watching, the band – Braeden Lemasters (vocals, guitar), Dylan Minnette (vocals, guitar), and Cole Preston (drums) work up a sweat in the new music video for single ‘Virtual Aerobics.’ What’s even better? They look good doing it. A choreographed routine by Emilia Richeson-Valinet of Pony Sweat, the band, completes the celebration of anti-perfectionism, the liberation of all bodies, one of a kind routine. One that you can watch over, and over, right here:

Wallows – ‘Virtual Aerobics’

How god damn adorable was that? Not to mention the song itself is a full-blown masterpiece. The aesthetically excellent combination of the sounds and visuals have our headspace a mess. But we? Kinda? Like? It?

The single itself comes from the upcoming EP, Remote, which is schedule to release on October 23rd. It features their recent release ‘Nobody Gets Me (Like You),’ another single that made everything tingle.

It might sound hard for Wallows to top the RIAA Cert Gold-Top 10 US Alt-TikTok phenomenon-Spotify songs of summer 2020-single ‘Are You Bored Yet? (feat. Clario),’ but both singles have given us the utmost promise, allowing us to believe that this EP is going to be a certified spin.

Remote is available to pre-save and pre-order now, here. You can also head to wallowsmusic.store to pick up the vinyl version; it’s a perfectly pressed on pink vinyl with the logo etched on the b-side, along with additional merch.

Like what you see? Like what you hear? We do! Let us know your thoughts about this kick-ass workout from Wallows by commenting down below or giving us a shout on twitter @TheHoneyPOP, and of course, check back for EP coverage October 23rd!

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Featured Image Source: Joeseth Carter

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[…] Dylan Minnette, Braeden Lemasters, Cole Preston are the trio that makes up the alt-rock-indie gem of a band that is Wallows. The same ones that have blown us away with this EP. Not only did the band put out an EP that astounds, but they also did so in a way that showcases their undeniable love and dedication to the music. Not seeing one another during the EP’s completion, the boys took to iPhone’s voice memo app to record vocals and FaceTime to work collaboratively.  […]

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