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8 Haunting Beauty Products for the Spooky Season

8 Haunting Beauty Products for the Spooky Season

Haunting beauty products are hitting the shelves this Halloween season. Save up now because we aren’t sure if your bank account can handle it! Ours sure can’t. We all know the cheap dollar store makeup for costumes and fright, but Halloween makeup has an upgrade, and its name is the Halloween makeup line. The latest theme to spring to action this fall. Pick up a pumpkin spice latte, and let’s do this.

Hocus Pocus X Colourpop

Did we say Hocus Pocus? You read that right; the popular 1993 Disney film is getting a stunning makeover! From lashes to eye shadow and almost everything in between, you can get it in a stunning Hocus Pocus theme. Need a date night idea? See yourself all done up while kicking back with the movie on the big screen? This is perfect for the at-home play date you need in your life.

“Gather Round Sisters” Eyeshadow Palette

Lip Duos – Lipstick + Lip Liner
I Smell Children
I Put A Spell On You
I Am Beautiful

Lashes –
Boss Witch, Flirty Witch, Clever Witch

Creme Gel Liners –
red, deep purple, and green

2 Glitterrally Obsessed

Available in Ulta October 4th and September 30th online, this is a full line up with glitter, eyeliner, lip liner, blushes, but what are we needing? Our number one must-have on this collection? It’ll be the lashes for us. Whatever mood you’re feeling, these lashes have you covered:

Coven Crew set of 3 for 25 USD

Nightmare Before Christmas X Makeup Revolution

We adore this spark of love to the one and only Time Burton ode to Halloween (er well… honestly, every Tim Burton movie is an ode to the odd and weird). We digress. Take your wardrobe up a notch with these chill colors. There are earth tones and roses hues ready and waiting. Themes for Jack, Sally, Oogie Boogie, and even Zero! Plus, brushes and a brush bag. Need a highlighter for the pyro in you? This collection has you covered, and the swatches look stunning.

Eyeshadow Palette-

Lip Gloss –
Pumpkin King Jack (Pearlescent champagne)
Oogie Boogie (Metallic bronze gold)
Scream Queen Sally (Pink with gold flecks)
Zero (Clear)

Misfit Love (gold & bronze)
Moonlight, Mischief, & Madness (peachy pink with pearlescent hue)

Cosmetic Bags $14-

THP pick of this litter? We have to go with the makeup bags. Stunt on your friends by breaking out some Nightmare Before Christmas swag.

Makeup Bag Clear or Makeup Bag Black for 14 USD

Beaut Bean X Shroud Cosmetics

A perfect combo of mattes and sparkles, you can mix and match for stunning, ghoulish looks. The colors look pretty dense and pigmented; we hope that’s how they turn out at least! We need to slay this Halloween season.

Our fav color would have to be Addams. That green looks too sick. Pre-orders start October 4th, and the price point? 35 USD

BH Cosmetics

This season, red is totally in, and BH cosmetics has us covered with a new collection. Drop Dead Gorgeous is suited for Satan himself; remember HIM from The Power Puff Girls? We’re positive they’d love this collection to bits, and you should too! There’s so much to choose from, so we broke it down for you!

Full-On Crazy palette $19-
14 different shades with different finishes, matte, metallics, sparkly

Lil Bit Psycho palette $14-
8 different shades with different finishes: mattes, shimmery, and metallic

Glitter Blood $12-
Just apply it directly; no need to add glue, sparkly red glitter gel. U can apply it on the face, cheeks, eyes, and body

Killer Queen 6 piece Brush Set $18-
Eye brush set with beautiful metallic red handles, jet black bristles, and a glittery bag. Blending brush, fluffy brush, flat shader brush, small blending brush, pencil brush, angle liner brush

And our choice? THP’s pick for this fabulous collection would have to be the glitter blood. You may be skeptical, but hear us out; We know glitter is hit and miss with a lot of people but come on, glitter blood? We just can’t resist that. At least for the season, catch us wearing it ALL October.

Glitter Blood 12 USD

Makeup Revolution

Now, this is more of what we’re familiar with when it comes to classic Halloween makeup. It looks like the dollar store stuff but we are pretty sure it is anything but that. Made with your skin in mind from an actual makeup company, this is most likely along the line of professional, FX costume makeup. Care to give it a whirl? We do.

Halloween Metallic Face Paint Palette $6

Ultimate Face Paint Face Palette $9

Blood Spray $7

Scar Putty $7

Our choice for this is probably pretty surprising… or not. We love the possibilities; they’re endless, so we chose our THP Pick to be the Wax Putty. We know if you’re delving into makeup, then you must have a creative side to you, and we love that for you. Add a new dimension to the wonderful canvas that is your face.

Makeup Revolution SFX Scar Putty 7 USD

LUSH Halloween Collection

This may seem a little out of place but believe us when we say skincare matters when it comes to any skin routine. We love luxurious products, and LUSH always delivers. This year there are tons of things coming back and new things as well; can you spot them? We are in love with all the fun shapes and scents to practice some serious self-care this season. Keep washing those hands and make it fun! Don’t you agree?

Bath Bombs-
Lord of Misrule $7.95
Bat Art $6.45
Monsters Ball $7.95
Punkin Pumpkin $6.45

Lip Scrub-
Toffee Apple $12.95

Bubble Bath-
Bewitched $8.45

Shower Slime-
Boo! $8.95

Ghost in the Dark $7.95

Shower Gel-
Very Very Frightening $9.95

Bath Bomb Holder-
My Pet Monster $2.95

Pumpkin Patch $5.95
Hey You Guys! $5.95

Gift Sets-
They Only Come Out At Night $44.95
Pumpkin $24.95
Pumpkin #2 $24.95

Now for the epic reveal! We love all of these products; they’re pretty cool, and the scents are even more spooky. There are so many– we just can’t choose! So we’ll have to go with the one and only: Boo! Shower Slime. It is just too cool looking; there’s nothing like rising from the mists of a bog after a long slumber. Release your inner cryptic and relax in the slime of your life.

See Also

Boo! Shower Slime 8.95 USD

Wet n Wild Fantasy Makers

This is a plethora of products and combinations. Either get fancy with it or follow their sets to make a look inspired by man fantasy creatures and stories. The products give you full reign of your look; get as wild and fun as you like. We encourage it, and maybe send us your inspired looks. We’re blown away by the colors! With so much going on, let’s break it down, shall we?

Fantasy Makers Set $14.99-
Serpent Goddess
Skeleton Queen
Venomous Vamp
Fierce Lioness

Paint Pot $3.99-

Face & Body Stencil $1.99-
Ring Mistress
Catwalk Zombie

Multistick $2.99-

Loose Pigment $2.99-
Mythical Dreams
Pegasus Flutter

Highlighting Powder $4.68-
Moonlit Gleam

Matte Lipstick $4.99-
Sleepy Hollow
Purple Panic

Lip Color $1.99-
Ghostly Beings

Face Gems $2.99
Creep It Real

The Honey POP pick for this set is a difficult one. While we appreciate some of the originality and the high-quality upgrades of older dollar store trends, we are stumped. All of these are amazing, but we’d have to go with the sets. We know Halloween can be super overwhelming with deciding what to do and how to do it, but if you grab a set or two, you have a pattern to work off of and can use the other products to add your flare. Maybe it’s just us, but we dig the idea.

Fantasy Makers Set 14.99 USD

LA Splash Classic Horror

Just like the name says, these products are based on the wonder that is the classic horror genre. The artwork is extensive; we almost don’t want to think about opening it. The eyeshadow palette has 10 fun themed colors, and overall, the naming is creative. This is something to add to your collection if you’re a lover of makeup and horror. This is an old collection, so you may have to dig around for some individual products or different price points. Either way, this is one timeless collection.

Matte Liquid Lip
Ms. Hyde
Ms. Invisible

Eyeshadow Palette

Dr. Jekyll & Ms. Hyde
The Mummy

This collection has a good selection, but it’s the liquid lip for us. They’re low-key colors that we can see ourselves wearing every day. Even the bolder colors have that muted beauty of the classics. To be honest, it makes the collection for us.

Matte Liquid Lipstick 16 USD per tube

Which products are you excited about? Do you have a favorite makeup theme for this year? What costume will you be wearing to complement your killer new look? Comment down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or find us over on Facebook or Instagram!

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