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Did Ya Know That ‘You Are the Traffic’ According to COIN? What A Metaphor

Did Ya Know That ‘You Are the Traffic’ According to COIN? What A Metaphor

Have you heard of COIN? Because if you haven’t, we’re here to introduce you. If you’re gearing up to see the 5SOS boys on their No Shame Tour, you might recognize the name. Or, you might’ve heard their 2016 hit ‘Talk Too Much.’ Whatever the case may be, if you know, you know. COIN just released a new single titled ‘You Are the Traffic.’ Bonus, there’s also a music video, and it has us in our nostalgia feels.

Like, does this not give you early 2000s, shot-on-a-grainy-camera, airing on MTV vibes? In like the best way possible??

The alt-pop trio has done it again, bringing us yet another catchy, irresistible track. ‘You Are the Traffic’ is the first song off of the band’s upcoming Indigo Violet EP. This is the first of three connected projects, titled the Rainbow MixTape, which all capture moods related to the title color. We’re not sure how to best put it into words, but ‘You Are the Traffic’ definitely gives us indigo violet vibes, so kudos to COIN! You can tell there’s a lot of emotion to the track by the lyrics and the flawlessly delivered vocals. If the rest of the EPs are set to sound like this, we’re already hooked.

As mentioned, the video, shot in an car junkyard, gives us major early 2000s vibes. From the outfits to the videography and finally to the camcorder quality portions of the video, it definitely has some nostalgic vibes to it. Yet, it also fits the modern vibe of COIN’s track perfectly. We love a good blending of eras! 😍 COIN has been leaning more pop heavy lately, and honestly we kinda dig it. Whether it’s pop or alt-pop, COIN always delivers tracks that really draw you in and that you just can’t get enough of.


So what’s next?

The Indigo Violet EP drops October 22nd, so be sure to check that out. The Rainbow MixTape project follows COIN’s last album, Dreamland, which has surpassed over 90 million streams. How cool is that?!

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the EPs from the project, which are set to roll out over the next couple of months. We also can’t wait to see these guys live because we have a feeling that their songs are perfect for singing along to at a live show.

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Can you confirm how amazing they are, are you excited to see COIN live? Are you excited for the rest of the EP? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: COIN via Instagram

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