For ONE Night Only, Join JOJI For A Nectar Filled Extravaganza

For ONE Night Only, Join JOJI For A Nectar Filled Extravaganza

Look, here’s the scoop. We’ve heard from a bird that Joji is feeling pretty sweet with how addicting his newest album Nectar is. So, he decided to give us a gift. For ONE night only, join JOJI for a Nectar filled extravaganza and let us tell you how! Titled The Extravaganza, Joji is performing the songs from Nectar for the first time ever and will air it globally on October 23 at 7 pm PDT. It’ll be directed by the young star himself. 

JOJI has a Nectar Filled Extravaganza for us
Image Source: JOJI via Twitter

Sounding delightful yet? The tickets have a flat rate of $17. The ticket will grant access to the premiere as well as two re-showings on October 24th at 7 pm WIB (Asia & Australia) and 7 pm CEST (Europe & Africa). After this, the show will no longer be accessible. You can purchase the tickets here

JOJI is getting all of the praise and love on this album that he has deserved for a long time. Considering that the star executive produced and arranged the entire album by himself is impressive and shows us how much passion he has for his artistry. The album is also star-studded by featuring icons such as Diplo, Lil Yachty, BENEE, and Yves Tumor.

In addition to The Extravaganza, Joji also dropped two additional music videos for ‘Tick Tock’ and ‘Upgrade.’ The visuals for ‘Tick Tock’ is an illusion-like video of his daily life while ‘Upgrade’ shows his signature humor by dancing.

We’re excited to see the Nectar filled extravaganza that JOJI intends to give us. What song are you looking forward to seeing him play the most? Maybe ‘Your Man’ or ‘Sanctuary’? Let us know!

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You can listen to Nectar on all streaming platforms now


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Featured Image Source: Damien Maloney via Shore Fire Media

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