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Here’s Why Leigh-Anne Pinnock Is The Role Model That Young Women Deserve

Here’s Why Leigh-Anne Pinnock Is The Role Model That Young Women Deserve

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Leigh-Anne Pinnock is one-fourth of world-renowned girl group Little Mix and also one of our biggest inspirations. Just like the other members, Leigh has so many qualities that make us love her and feel more connected to her as an individual. We think she deserves a lot more love and her praises sung, so we’re sharing why we believe Leigh-Anne is the role model that young girls deserve.

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She Is The Definition Of Kindness

Leigh-Anne is such a kind soul. She has so much kindness that it radiates through her beautiful face. She has a caring nature towards her girls as well as pretty much anyone she ever meets. In a world where we need more kindness, we also need more Leigh-Anne.

She Is A Passionate Soul

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Every Mixer knows how passionate Leigh is about fashion. Her outfits say it all! But she is so passionate that she has pursued this career and has created her own bikini line, In A Seashell, as a side project from Little Mix. Everything that Leigh-Anne feels passion towards, she is super vocal to the point where we can physically feel her emotions towards it.

She Uses Her Platform To Discuss Important Issues

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Like many of you, I have been feeling really heavy with everything that we are seeing online and hearing on the news. In the past I have mentioned some personal experiences that were triggered due to my race. More than ever I felt like it was time that I was completely open and honest with you all because finally, the world is awake and people want to listen, help and understand. I’m not doing this video for sympathy or for you to watch and then go about normal life. I’m doing it because enough is enough and hopefully from sharing this we can all do more to understand the racism that takes place. In doing this we are able to approach the bigger issue and break down systemic racism. All we want is equality and justice for our black community. 🖤

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She Doesn’t Take Anything For Granted

Despite Little Mix being global superstars, Leigh-Anne never loses sight of who she is. She remembers where she comes from and her humble beginnings, as well as just how hard she has worked to get where she is today.

She’s A Charitable Person

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Leigh knows just how important it is to give back to the world and uses her platform to be able to offer a charitable helping hand. From climbing Kilimanjaro with Jade for Comic Relief to actively supporting Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Leigh-Anne acknowledges her influence of supporting charitable causes and knows that with her active involvement, more attention will shine on these charities.

Her Determination Knows No Bounds

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We all have our setbacks and hurdles in life, but Leigh sees that as no reason to give up. Already a hard worker, when things get in her way, Leigh’s determination sees her take a powerful run and jump, ensuring she gets through it no matter what. She is a warrior in her own right.

In conclusion, Leigh-Anne Pinnock is a phenomenal woman who has so much to offer as an individual and as a member of Little Mix. We believe in Leigh-Anne Pinnock supremacy!

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Is Leigh-Anne your role model? What is it about her that you admire? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter! You can also reach out to us on Instagram and Facebook!

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