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5 Times Joohoney Showcased His Talent And Compassion

5 Times Joohoney Showcased His Talent And Compassion

Lee Jooheon, better known as Joohoney, is a name that most, if not all, know in the KPOP industry. Although he’s the main rapper of Monsta X, Joohoney’s artistry goes beyond those limits as his passion for music knows no boundaries. This passion translates into his music and the relationships he has with his fellow members, idols, and with his fans, Monbebe. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite moments that Joohoney has not only flexed his talents but also his compassion towards those around him. 

‘No Limit’ Stage

At SBS’ GAYO Daejeon music festival last year, Joohoney got to perform his song, ‘No Limit.’ When performing this song, Joohoney played the drums and gave a shout out to his beloved fandom, Monbebe. It isn’t the first time Joohoney has expressed his gratitude and love for the fandom within a song. He never fails to give a shout out to them and always looks towards their energy in the time of need. This song came at the perfect time when both the fandom and Joohoney needed each other to make one another strong. In the rap, he says, “I’ll do the best I can so Monbebe are proud” and Joohoney, we hope you know how proud we are.

‘Versace On The Floor’ Cover

He may be known as the main rapper for Monsta X, but listen, Joohoney can sing. His voice is stunning and soothing to listen to. While he recently dropped a cover showcasing his vocal ability and blew the Korean general public away after a killer performance on The Masked Singer, we decided to highlight his solo from Monsta X’s cover of ‘Versace On The Floor.’ Many are stunned watching this clip, as Joohoney’s vocals are powerful and give any listener chills. Fans also got the chance to hear more of these vocals on their album All About Luv, where his velvety vocals send a calming feeling throughout the album. Joohoney has repeatedly proven that -along with his rapper flow- he is also a vocal king. 

‘Grandmother Bird’ with Kim Youngok featuring Yoo Kihyun

In this emotional song, Joohoney raps his heart out as he lyrically tells the story of his relationship with his grandmother, who has since passed on. Alongside him is Kim Youngok and his bandmate Yoo Kihyun who also has their own stories to tell. Joohoney has never been one to shy away from telling his stories within his music. This is extra special because we’re all so well aware of how much his grandma meant to him. In the lyrics, Joohoney talks about how he wonders if his grandma could see him achieve his dreams and more… It made us shed a tear or two as well as think about the family members who fiercely pushed us towards our dreams. The heartbreak of losing a loved one is something we all can relate to. We’re glad that Joohoney can remain so open and honest with us through his music. That love; we don’t know what we would do without it. 

‘Be My Friend’ featuring I.M

Although we only included ‘Be My Friend,’ Joohoney’s bond with the members of Monsta X is both hilarious and heartwarming. He’s known to the fandom as Shownu’s son and the two even refer to each other as father and son to the fans. If there’s anything that Monsta X has taught fans, it’s that their bond is much more than being a band; it’s being brothers and being there for each other. It’s exactly why their fandom is a family. They are a reflection of who the people they idolize are. We love the bond that Monsta X has as it keeps our hearts warm and smiles on our faces. 

Ending Ment – We Are Here Tour in Los Angeles

There have been numerous times that Joohoney has acted as an inspiration for Monbebe. One of these moments that stands out was during the last stop of Monsta X’s 2019 world tour. This ending ment is one that fans frequently turn back to when they need words of encouragement, where Joohoney famously said, “No matter who you are, where you come from, or who you love, I love each and every single one of you the same…I will always be by your side. So everyone, be happy, stay happy.” His saying, “Be happy, stay happy,” is a saying that fans carry with them in their everyday lives. His reassurance that he will always be there for fans and that his fans are loved regardless of who they are helps Monbebe get through the hardships they may face. 

You rarely can find a person who is so genuine, so passionate, and so loving in everything they do. We see this, however, in Joohoney, who has always put 110% in everything he does. The list of the ways he is talented is endless, as are the ways he has inspired those who have either met him or listened to one of his songs. He is an artist that everyone should know about, and we are so grateful that he has shared his artistry with the world. 

What is your favorite thing about Joohoney? Have a favorite moment you want to share with us? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop

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Featured Image Source: Starship Entertainment

Words: Rachel Collucci and Keisha-Tara Watkin

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