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LGBTQ+ Champion Adam Lambert Shows Us The Meaning of Community

LGBTQ+ Champion Adam Lambert Shows Us The Meaning of Community

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LGBTQ+ champion Adam Lambert is getting involved once again. Are we surprised Adam Lambert is once again fighting for our youth? No, no we’re not, but we are most definitely proud. You can get involved, too! Working with the San Diego Rady Children’s Hospital, the Feel Something Foundation is raising funds for gender-affirming care.

Get Involved

Fans and supporters can donate to the Center for Gender-Affirming Care and by doing so enter into a drawing to win prizes. Prizes aren’t everything. We want to help this beautiful cause, but with this little incentive, maybe we can smash that goal! It’s for an amazing cause and these prizes are pretty special, too. The last day to enter and donate for prizes is October 31st. Possible prizes include:

A recorded message from Adam – 1 available
A 30-minute Q&A with Adam – 4 available
A 20-minute one-on-one video call with Adam – 1 available

The proceeds from this fundraiser go towards helping gender non-conforming youth in various ways.

– Pubertal suppression
   – Gender-affirming hormone therapy
   – Referrals to reproductive health specialists
   – Referrals to surgical specialists
   – Other relevant specialists (dermatology, hematology) referrals
– Assistance with legal name change
   – Resources for transgender youth and their families
   – Ongoing mental health support through the clinic
   – Voice therapy and coaching at Rady Children’s Hospital
   – Social support through community events and groups
   – Ongoing education for the community, medical and mental health providers

Who Are We Helping?

Many transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming youth find discrimination within the medical field. Rady Children’s Hospital works to create a safe environment for their health needs. Adam Lambert had the opportunity to speak with staff and patients. You can watch the conference here:

I’m so inspired by the work the staff at Rady Children’s Center for Gender-Affirming Care are doing for these young people and their families. We need more centers like this across the globe and further education on trans-health care within medical teaching. We’re in a new era with this conversation and a lot of young people are finding their true identity much earlier now; it’s beautiful to see these young people loving their identity and being their amazing selves. I’m so proud they’re from my hometown and I’m so glad the Feel Something Foundation can help to support the continued success of the center.

Adam Lambert

Were you moved by their words? Feel compelled to help? Know of more resources in your area? Let us and others know in the comments below or tweet us at @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured image courtesy of Rady Children’s Hospital and the Feel Something Foundation

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