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Sequence Of Youth: Theories For SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon

Sequence Of Youth: Theories For SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon

Hello, and welcome to an installment of what we like to call: SEVENTEEN and their team’s really clever marketing.

Sequence Of Youth

First, before we talk about any and all theories, SEVENTEEN with their upcoming album Semicolon, ranked #1 realtime on numerous online music websites for preorder. You can preorder, and get all the glorious gifts it has to offer, through Weverse Shop! Okay so, do you see the video/Tweet up above? Sequence of Youth; it’s really cute right? Well though yes it is cute, you can miss things if you don’t pay close attention.

First let us tell you something that’s been confirmed; if you look closely at the pictures, they are hints of their upcoming promotional schedule! Keep an eye out for that because you never know what they might mean.

What Do The Pictures Mean?

Okay, now, onto Sequence of Youth. The pictures, as we mentioned, are a hint at their schedule, but what do the items they are holding exactly mean? Maybe hints at photo teasers, videos, and a track? What about the words on the posters? Are they song titles, is it a quote, or is it a tracklist? Us, along with Carats everywhere, are leaning towards a tracklist, which means 13 tracks– very fitting for the 13 guys.

Let’s Light It Up

You may have noticed that the lights on the pictures light up, and sometimes they don’t. Well, depending on what device or browser you are on, it will give you a different sequence. If you are on your laptop, all lights will light up; if you’re on an iPhone, 3 won’t light up; if you’re on an Android, 1 won’t light up. There are many theories about this one, including possibly a bug, it could be because everyone’s journey and perspective are different. Or it could be a very cute and popular theory, 13 members + 3 units (Vocal, Performance & HipHop) + 1 group = SEVENTEEN.

A not-so-theory, but you most likely missed it, there is Morse Code on the theater door. Of course, if you don’t know Morse, or didn’t zoom, you probably wouldn’t have known. But some smart Carats saw the Morse and quickly translated it for us, it says Carat. So Sweet!

Thank You Carats For The Theories & Proof

It’s so cute that they gave a shout out to Carats on the teaser photo! Maybe it’s far fetch, but maybe it’s like svt saying even if we don’t see it right away, we’ll always have them (or maybe they’ll always have Carats?).

So, what do you think about the theories for SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon? Do you have any of your own? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop, or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment

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