What We Know So Far About SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon

What We Know So Far About SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon

It’s what we’ve all been waiting for Carats, an announcement for the new Seventeen comeback!

The Invitation For Youth: Semicolon

SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon is heading our way, as a special album for their newest comeback. The news first hit on SEVENTEEN’s V LIVE as they just dropped the video (as you can see above), announcing the new comeback. We don’t know the lead single yet, but we’re assuming there will be news soon. So, here’s what we do know so far about the upcoming album!

It will be releasing October 19th at 6PM KST. It will have the same theme as their other album, Heng:garæ in the sense of the songs being about youth. Hence ‘The Invitation To Our Youth’ displayed in the teaser. Preorder has already opened up on Weverse shop! So, we know what the album will include, which includes a weaving kit?? We are curious about what it’s for, but are excited to do some DIY.

SEVENTEEN’S Semicolon album, Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment, Weverse Shop
SEVNTEEN’S Semicolon album, Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment, Weverse Shop

Will we be weaving together the album? Like how we had to put together Heng:garæ? Or will we be making friendship bracelets? Guess we have to wait and keep our eyes peeled for more news on the album.

Carat Reaction & Suspicion

We are so excited to see what svt will bring to the table with this upcoming comeback. We still have so many questions, but our excitement is overwhelming our curiosity.

So have you preordered SEVENTEEN’s Semicolon yet? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPop or talk to us on Facebook or Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: PLEDIS Entertainment, Big Hit Labels

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1 year ago

what does special album means?

SCoups' Girl
SCoups' Girl
1 year ago

Super excited


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