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Tickets To My Downfall Hits No. 1 & Deserves It. We Said So.

Tickets To My Downfall Hits No. 1 & Deserves It. We Said So.

Tickets To My Downfall

Machine Gun Kelly’s Tickets To My Downfall Debut at #1

Yes, hi, haters – he did that.

As the first rock album of 2020 to take the top spot on the Billboard 200, we agree, it belongs there. While we could go on and on about the fire-filled-anthem-esque-pop-punk magic that is Tickets To My Downfall, that’s not what this one is about. Plus, we already did that (read it, here). Oh, and the deluxe edition? We covered that too (here).

This one is an ode to MGK, and all the relevancy this album holds across multiple genres, for many reasons. Machine Gun Kelly has been grinding hard for this and deserves every second of the recognition that Tickets to My Downfall is receiving. Landing him his first Billboard No. 1 and selling a career-best of equivalent 126,000 units, hate it or love it (it’s obvious how we feel, right?), it’s made its well-deserved way to the top.

A Celebration of Artistry, Pop-Punk, Emotion, Inner Struggles and Strength.

We’re all more than aware that 2020 has been shit, but for a great deal of us, this album has changed that. Even if it’s only for the 36 minutes and 9 seconds, TTMD lasts. As the first rock album of 2020 to hit the Billboard 200 and TOP IT, this album is a celebration. A celebration of MGK and his ongoing artistry, his deep dive into OG pop-punk, raw emotion, and inner struggles and strength, we’re backing TTMD fully.

Produced by Travis Barker, MGK’s fifth studio album Tickets to My Downfall edges out 2012’s Lace Up (that was a big one for us) and 2015’s General Admission of which debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200. Pop-punk-perfection, this album projected MGK into superstardom in which he rightfully deserves. Whether you’re a fan or not, we can almost guarantee you listened to the album, and probably even liked it.

The sheer happiness and progression of positive mental health across MGK’s face in the wake of Tickets to My Downfall alone landed it number one in the hearts of diehard fans. The official news of hitting number one left fans feeling euphoric, and MGK likewise. Don’t believe us? Enjoy.

Fans Celebrate To Tickets To My Downfall Hitting Number 1.


It is. It really is. 🥺🥺🥺

The numbers don’t lie, people…passionate and persistent, it’s warranted.

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Guys, we – finally – did – it. Timeless, fun, yet raw emotional music created an album that broke genre barriers, making Tickets to My Downfall a record for all.

Celebrate MGK hitting number one by streaming TTMD, tweeting us your thoughts, favorites, or reactions by commenting down below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter! You can also reach out to us on Facebook and Instagram!


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Featured Image Source: Machine Gun Kelly on Facebook

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