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Horror Franchises That Will Give You The Chills!

Horror Franchises That Will Give You The Chills!

It is almost one of our fave times of the year! That’s right, SPOOKY season is here, and with Halloween in sight, its time for you to hear our favorite Horror Franchises that will have you thirsty for more!

However, the beauty of a franchise is that with several sequels in the pipeline, your thirst WILL be quenched again, AND again!



“Do you like scary movies? What’s your favorite scary movie?” When the Scream franchise started we were sucked in from the get-go. Who kills off the biggest actor in the first few minutes? Well, Wes Craven does, and from that moment on, you’re sucked in and taken along one hell of a bumpy ride that ties in as many horror movie clichés as possible, while being completely aware that it is doing so. With four movies already out there, and a fifth on the way, AND a spin-off series. Scream has something for horror movie addicts and newbies alike!


One of the ultimate horror boogeymen to ever exist is Jigsaw. A character that feels like he is justified in making others suffer for their immoral ways. This is probably one of the most modern and gruesome franchises out there that shows no signs of dying. With the latest addition due for release in 2021, we are sat in suspense awaiting what could happen next. Without wanting to give away any spoilers, y’all need to check each one of the Saw movies out, like yesterday.

Friday The 13th

Jason Voorhees may just be one of the most iconic horror franchises staples. With several sequels and remakes, horror movie junkies cannot get enough of these tales, and it’s not hard to see why. Friday the 13th has jump scares, suspense, revenge, pain, and many unanswered questions. Which is presumably why it thrives movie after movie.

Nightmare On Elm Street

Freddy Krueger, the boogeyman that haunts your dreams. Will it ever be safe to sleep again? That’s why this horror franchise is SO creepy this is the literal stuff of nightmares, except Freddy can never allow you to wake up. And like other movies in this article Nightmare On Elm Street has had several sequels and remakes, and its clear to see why, when a character like his can be interpreted in SO many ways. 


One of the oldest horror franchises and it is still thriving. And with a horror movie villain like Michael Myers, it is clear to see why. The jump scares the suspense and the sheer terror he can provoke from the audience as well as his sister, who he continually torments. Halloween, from the ’70s, still can give its audience spine chills and goosebumps to this day. And the sequels, for the most part, have equally shocking and terrifying moments!

Paranormal Activity

One of the more modern franchises, Paranormal Activity, has everything throughout the collection of films. Demonic forces, creepy people, cults, and unnerving reality-style footage that makes you feel like you’re looking in on real-life events. The ‘found footage’ horror sub-genre has been relatively saturated. However, the Paranormal Activity series has a loyal-strong following. And a continual tale that develops throughout the movies, keeping the audience entranced and captivated. 

Childs Play

“My names Chucky & I’m your friend to the end,” hauntingly gives chills to anyone who checks out the first movie in this franchise. Some of the sequels may be cheesy, but you need to give them a chance. And maybe even check out the recent remake? Dolls have a firm staple in the horror genre, and what is spookier than one haunted by the spirit of serial killer Charles Lee Ray? That’s right nothing is!


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