5 Emotionally Haunting Songs That Selena Gomez Gave Us

It’s crazy to see how quickly one year has passed. In the last year, we’ve seen the revival (pun intended) of Selena Gomez and all the glamour that she is. In October 2019, Gomez released ‘Lose You To Love Me’ which quickly shot up the Billboard charts. To celebrate the critically acclaimed song, Gomez and her team decided to release the demo version of the song. Just as hauntingly beautiful as the studio version, the demo reveals the raw emotions that Gomez had when recording it. Inspired by this release, we decided to compile a list of five emotionally haunting songs that Selena Gomez gave us. 

Selena Gomez Haunting Singles Amazing with Lose You To Love Me Demo
Image Source: Selena Gomez via Twitter

‘Lose You To Love Me Demo’

Its been a week since the release and yet the haunting demo version still has us tearing up. With the demo, we’re able to understand and hear the emotional state Gomez was in while recording the song. You’re able to visually make the confusion and the heartache within the lyrics out clearer in the demo. We’re seriously loving this version, and it might be a bit more than the original. 

‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’

‘The Heart Wants What It Wants’ was released five years ago and to many fans is currently seen as the prequel of ‘Lose You To Love Me’. In the song, we have a clip of how Gomez felt towards her previous relationships before breaking out into an upbeat love song. When Gomez performed it live for the first time, it was even more captivating. We can understand how fans can see the parallels between both songs. We’re just glad that we have this song and Gomez was able to open up with fans with it. 

‘Ghost Of You’

Would it be an emotional article without some kind of throwback? ‘Ghost Of You’ is one of the many underrated emotional songs for the A Year Without Rain album. In a way, ‘Ghost Of You’ mirrors ‘Lose You To Love Me’. ‘Ghost Of You’ is about the struggle of getting over someone and ‘Lose You To Love Me’ is the same. We can come up with so many theories for these two songs and how ‘Lose You To Love Me’ is just the adult version of it. Either way, it still captures the raw emotion of heartbreak.

‘The Way I Loved You’

Another emotional throwback song, we had to go deep into Gomez’s discography for this. With this particular song, Selena’s voice fits it perfectly. Whenever we’re having a down day about a previous heartache and trying to see the good in bad, we always put this on. Since we’re diving in deep, let’s just cry on how different things are now compared to how they were.


From the Revival era, one of her best eras. ‘Sober’ is one of her songs that is upbeat and can capture emotions. Off the Revival album, we have to say that this is one of the most underrated songs. It deserves so much more emotions and we just have to give you all a reminder of how amazing this song is.

Of course, we’re excited to revive new music from Gomez. We hope that you enjoyed our list of the five emotionally haunting songs that Selena Gomez gave us. Until we hear more music, we’ll be blasting Rare and obsessing over her new beauty line. 


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Featured Image Source: Selena Gomez via Twitter

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