6 EVERGLOW Songs Your Playlist Needs

They may have only debuted in 2019 but K-pop sextet EVERGLOW already has plenty of quality bops under their belts. Here at The Honey POP, we have been keeping an eye on these girls since debut, but since their most recent comeback with mini-album -77.82X-78.29 we’ve had no choice but to stan. As baby FOREVERs, we thought it was about time we put together a playlist of our favorite EVERGLOW songs that can be enjoyed by both dedicated fans and curious newcomers.


If you’re new to EVERGLOW their latest comeback ‘LA DI DA’ is a pretty good place to start. The song incorporates an 80s synth beat which has been super popular lately but adds a catchy, modern chorus for a fresh twist. Retro instrumental breaks coupled with edgy rap sections from main rapper E:U (who co-wrote the track) also give it a unique sound. The MV features both disco and noir concepts which the members pull off flawlessly as they showcase their sharp dance moves and femme fatale visuals.


Taken from -77.82X-78.29, ‘Untouchable’ is one of those songs that you fall more in love with each time you hear it. This dance-pop number leans into the funk genre for an addictive electro sound. Plus the hook delivered by multi-talented main vocal Mia will get stuck in your head. This EP as a whole represents a glow-up for the group as they begin to develop their musical colors. If you like this track you might also like ‘No Lie’ from their 2020 mini-album Reminiscence.


We’ll be honest, it was a 50/50 split between ‘DUN DUN’ and ‘Adios’ for this one. And although ‘Adios’ has been completely stuck in our heads since we made this list, we decided to keep our original choice. Yes, we may have been swayed by how unbelievably gorgeous all the girls are in the MV, but once you see Yiren’s gem makeup we’re sure you’ll understand. ‘DUN DUN’ goes harder than most K-pop girl group songs, but despite the pounding beat and heavy instrumentals, the members aren’t overpowered at all. Instead, they make a strong statement with powerful choreography and charisma.


We love a girl-power anthem at The Honey POP and ‘Salute’ is top tier! The lyrics encourage the listener to shake off what is expected of them and follow their dreams instead. Bubble-gum pop with a marching-band beat, we could vibe to this all day. We had to include the stage version here because the light-hearted choreography really brings the song to life. The girls give such a fun performance it’s impossible not to want to dance along with them. And can we just appreciate Onda out there living her best life? What a queen.


Taking a break from their signature high energy anthems, the members show their softer side with the gentle tropical track ‘Hush’. Calm and soothing, the woody instrumentals are just delicate enough to make the song sound like a lullaby. While every member sounds beautiful, Aisha’s vocals shine here. We’re hoping she’ll get to sing more in the future. This is one of our favorite B-sides from the group and we just can’t get enough of it. If you feel the same we recommend ‘No Good Reason’ as your next listen.

‘봉봉쇼콜라 (Bon Bon Chocolat)’

How could we forget the song that started it all? ‘Bon Bon Chocolat’ introduced us to the girls with an explosion of talent, style, and attitude. The song has a coy trap feel and an eye-catching choreography to go with it. It pairs an EDM beat drop with the members’ saccharine vocals, and lead vocalist Sihyeon’s silky voice particularly stands out. The six beauties radiate glamour in the high budget MV that shows off their charms and impressive dance skills. From monster rookies to global superstars, we can’t wait to see what these talented girls are going to do next!

What EVERGLOW songs are already a must-have on your playlist? Which will you be adding to your regular-rotation? Let us know in the comments below or @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter!

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Featured Image Source: EVERGLOW via Twitter

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