BTS Comes Back to Us With MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E.

BTS Comes Back to Us With MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E.

BTS gave us BANG BANG CON The Live but, guess who’s going to spoil us after 4 months this weekend?! The guys will be holding a new virtual concert: MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E; their biggest ever, on October 10 at 6 AM EDT and October 11 at 3 AM EDT.

BTS’ performance of the year!

They aren’t holding back! This show, which is going to be live-streamed, will be massive.  It will feature four stages, F-O-U-R. This will give us the appearance of the group being in different venues. They will allow us to perceive them with different technological features.  Now, the idea of seeing the guys perform online is amazing. However, being able to see our biases in 4K/HD, blows our minds. How are we going to choose which of the six multi-view screens to view? No idea!

BTS thumbs up

Moneywise, the production costs 8 more times more than their previous exclusive performances. Bangtan is showing us that they miss ARMY by going all out. We are going to witness never-before-seen performances each day.  The setlists will vary too so we will undoubtedly be in for a surprise each day. If you don’t want to miss the shows but haven’t bought your tickets via the Weverse Shop, you better get moving. The benefits of buying them include the ability to watch the delayed single-view streaming of the concert, several hours after its live feed.

With MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, BTS will definitely fill our aching hearts. They have been preparing for this for about a year, so we know they will give their all. BANG BANG CON The Live garnered a record-breaking group of 756,600 fans from 107 regions.  Are we ready to set another record?

Let us know which songs you want in the set-list down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Wanna keep on hyping the show? Join us at The Hive to find more ARMY!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment

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