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Seahaven Produces Risk-Taking Rock With New Album Under Pure Noise

Seahaven Produces Risk-Taking Rock With New Album Under Pure Noise

Cali based quartet Seahaven has signed to Pure Noise Records, that’s right – they’re giving us new music.

Now, if you’re anything like us, the period in which Seahaven put a halt on new production, and thoughts of never seeing new music from them again broke your ever loving emo heart in two.

So naturally the news of them signing to Pure Noise was the key to mending it all. Dissipating doubts, they have graced fans with their long-awaited return. To kick things off, there’s a new single and video ‘Moon’ to get us hyped. Off their forthcoming album, Halo of Hurt, ‘Moon’ joins a collection of catastrophic tunes that we’ll be able to hear in full on November 20, 2020.

Seahaven – ‘Moon’

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Halo of Hurt is the first album from Seahaven in six years and will embrace and showcase their ongoing evolution. Always eerie, moonlit, and menacing, the album will relight the flame of Seahaven’s 2010 run, and everything extraordinary about it. An album of risk-taking rock, it urges listeners to wrestle self-doubt and inner demons and dissolve them into nothingness.

The reflection of self-doubt is evident in Halo of Hurt, encompassing the underlying anxiety from the band’s inactivity after 2014. In a moment of sheer honesty, lead vocalist Kyle Soto explains, “I wanted to bring it back to the beginning of the band — a revived version of our younger selves in my garage in 2009. No timelines, no pressure. No need to fit a certain mold.”

For fans like us, there couldn’t be better news.

From Infinite Darkness To Light

Nevertheless, the journey wasn’t always an easy one. A proper dark period for the band in its entirety, Soto, guitarist Cody Christian, bassist Mike DeBartolo, and drummer Eric Findlay felt lost. From a scrapped demo to a label search, they feared that Reverie Lagoon might be their last make at monumental music. At a total loss for direction, their 2016 summer tour felt like the end. 

Who better to save the scene then longtime pals of theirs (and ours) than Man Overboard? That’s right, no one. Man Overboard’s invitation to open their 10-year anniversary tour snapped Seahaven out of their unplanned hiatus. Full of nerves, a sold-out venue, and the feeling of performing again was something unfamiliar to the band. This show it was all they needed to fire them fiercely back on their feet. With the first chord, it was evident that they grooved ever so gracefully back into their element. Listen, we’re sure of it – we saw it.

Inspired from the run with ManO, the band took to book their own headliners. A pair of L.A hangs with wholesome humans, and familiar fans closed out the year. Naturally, things came together for the band as they saw another fan-favorite, Balance and Composure, on their farewell tour in Pomona. Pure Noise Records founder (and longtime fan) Jake Round coincidentally conversed with the band and made magic. Interest in a future project, they found freedom, and their music-making was back on track.

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Seahaven Official Album Art
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The Timing Is Right

Completing the self-produced LP, the band finished right at the cusp of the country’s indefinite lockdown. Talk about good timing. While the future of performances is still unclear, Seahaven gives a shout to the fans that stuck around and praising our online presence. We’re still here, and we’re ready for you.

Pre-Order the album now and let us know just how ready you are for Seahaven’s return by sharing your thoughts down below or over on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP 


Featured Image Source: Dylan Caderao

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