Take A Look Inside The Mind Of The Vamps And See Why Cherry Blossom Is Such A Breakthrough Album

Take A Look Inside The Mind Of The Vamps And See Why Cherry Blossom Is Such A Breakthrough Album

With just over a week left until the release of their 5th studio album, The Vamps keep dishing out the content we crave. Showing fans that they are just as excited about the album as we are!

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Cherry Blossom is set for release on October 16th. This album is important to not only the Vamily, but to the band. The album title symbolizes rebirth, a theme that’s prominent throughout the album, representing the rebirth of the band. Cherry Blossom is the most personal album they’ve written to date. With a newly reinvented sound, we are counting the days until we get this masterpiece.

the Vamps
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On finding and creating their new sound, The Vamps lead singer Brad had this to say:

Before, we were just making stuff on the road and it was working, and we loved it, but we needed time to get bored. This is the first time I’ve been so bored. I’ve started trying shit I’ve never done before

Bradley Will Simpson
And James McVey, the bands lead guitarist, said:

We had a lot of time to soul search, but also as musicians we had time to go and listen to a variety of different albums and just enjoy music.

James McVey

Self-Reflective Months

After some self-reflective months, the half of the album they had previously recorded; was scrapped because it wasn’t what they wanted; they started anew, creating a rebirth of not only the album but a new sound that echoes from their latest singles.

We ended scrapping all of the first batch of songs and starting again. Last summer was the real breakthrough moment for us. We wrote a song called ‘Part of Me’ at one of the AirBnb sessions and that was where we were like ‘oh shit, let’s do a whole album like that’

James McVey

It was important as a band for them to sit down, reflect on their lives and their careers. All of which helped them find their way back to the deeper aspect of songwriting. With the theme of rebirth in mind, Brad, James, Connor, and Tristan brought the songs on Cherry Blossom to life.

When you’re on tour it’s very reactive and you’re in the moment, so you’re not necessarily really deep-diving into your relationships as a band. We got to a point where we needed to stop so that we knew what we wanted to do next. Every crossroads that we’d come to – the end of a tour or the end of an album cycle – it was like ‘what are we going to do next?’ and there’d be an answer there every time. One of the questions I remember asking the band was ‘in the next year, what does everyone want out of their personal lives? Forget about music, what do you want as people?’ So we knew that if we were going to do an album that first and foremost it had to be one that we loved and that we could stand behind. We needed to make sure that personally everyone was rock steady.

Bradley Will Simpson

Cherry Blossom‘s New Sound

To describe their new sound, Cherry Blossom feels like the perfect mid-point between the bright pop music of the first two albums and the last two albums’ EDM sound. It’s an album that sees them embracing where they’re at as mid-twentysomethings with a fanbase going through the same things they are.

Fans want more context to music now, they want more subtext to it. You’re doing them a disservice not to evolve. To not be authentic. The idea is to bring them on a journey with us, as they grow up too. We’re writing about stuff we haven’t necessarily touched on before.

Bradley Will Simpson

Now, Cherry Blossom is just out of reach, and we’ve never been more excited for them to release an album then we are now! Knowing how much this album means to them makes it that much sweeter. If you haven’t yet ordered your copy of Cherry Blossom, go ahead and do that right now! We promise it’ll be worth it. Just like they said I their latest single ‘Better,’ they won’t settle for less than best, and we’re sure this album is about to be their best one yet!

We’d be lying if we said we didn’t want it to go out into the world and be received positively, but ultimately we love it so much, and that feeling of self-fulfilment is so exciting. These are songs that really touch on parts of our lives. The songs mean that little bit more.

Bradley Will Simpson
Image Source: Tenor

Are you ready for the release of Cherry Blossom? Which song are you most excited to hear? Which of the three singles is your favorite so far? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!


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