Take a Bite of ‘Cotton Candy’ With Yungblud’s New Song

Take a Bite of ‘Cotton Candy’ With Yungblud’s New Song

Yungblud has released his new track ‘Cotton Candy,’ and this catchy song is one that you are not going to want to miss.

‘Cotton Candy’ is Yungblud’s most recent release off of his upcoming album Weird! that comes out on November 13th, 2020! Every song we’ve heard from it is insanely good, and this one is, too.

You can listen to this hot new track here! Trust us when we say that you will not be able to get enough of this song!

We are totally jamming out to this song here at The Honey Pop! ‘Cotton Candy’ is just so fun-loving and it makes you want to dance around your bedroom. The fact that the track has an important meaning behind it makes it that much better.

‘cotton candy’ is about sexual liberation. To me sex and sexuality is about freedom and the idea that you can to lose yourself in other people of all genders, of all shapes and sizes to find yourself and figure out who you truly are. Sexual interaction should not be shamed, it should be celebrated because to have safe sex is to spread love and the world needs love more than ever right now. This song is so important to me because i see and speak to my fan base, facing insecurities around sexual interaction and I want to let them know that it is ok to be EXACTLY WHO THEY ARE and have the right to unconditionally love who they want and be loved in return.


Along with this new song and his upcoming album this November, Yungblud is also going on a virtual tour! Tickets are on sale now and you can purchase yours here!

We love Yungblud and his new song ‘Cotton Candy’! You know what else we love? Hearing from you! How are you liking this new song? How excited are you for the album? Are you seeing Yungblud on his virtual tour? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop or find us over on Facebook and Instagram!


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