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We Joined MGK Q&A via Banquet Records: Here’s What We’ve Learned

We Joined MGK Q&A via Banquet Records: Here’s What We’ve Learned


MGK Q & A? We laughed, we vibed, we controlled our fangirl (barely), and we learned a lot!

Picture it – 200 some super stoked fans, diverse and wonderful all the same. Banquet Records has brought us together again, and we couldn’t be more grateful to be here. It’s been a long, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding journey being a Kells fan for some of us. Some are new to EST having joined in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, we’ve fallen ever so precisely into the mold.

MGK? He’s running late. Once he hopped onto the zoom – naturally, the smiles radiated across the screen. Getting settled, MGK begins by casually rolling a spliff, and dear all things holy, we’ve never in our lives wanted to be blunt paper more.

Paranormal Activity, Number One Album and a Velociraptor

The first question for the Q & A asked links to the paranormal vibes from the album cue ‘concert for aliens‘. Asking if Machine Gun Kelly has ever found himself in any paranormal experiences. Candidly, he notes that people wouldn’t believe him cause he’s always on psychedelics. Running off into a story from a trip three weeks ago in Lake Powell, Utah. Bright Lights, WWII Planes, and the Milky Way, it’s clear he’s a believer. Noting that meditation is powerful and will continue to progress.

A brief break in questions, our guy thanked us for showing out continually, and reminding us that we’re NUMBER 1. A milestone that we will never, ever, stop celebrating.

Back to questions, he put together a band including some incredibly radical names, most importantly Disney Cartoon Character Aladdin, because he’s from the STREETS to useless talents. He revealed being a good juggler and gave us a real-time demonstration of his ability to make Velociraptor sounds. A vision we’re not soon to forget.

Feel Good Albums, Potential Collabs and Performance Anxiety

A rundown of MGK’s ultimate feel-good albums included Blink‘s Self-Titled, Kanye West’s Graduation, and Tickets To My Downfall (obviously). We also learned that even when he’s happy, he enjoys sad music, and that is a quality were certain many could relate to.

We covered the fact that people hate him for his face (Don’t worry, Colson, we adore it), to Hotel Diablo being an absolute smash of an album. Favorite drink (tequila) (again, obviously), Potential UK Rapper collabs (HELL YES), and performance anxiety.

Like the man we know and love, MGK just doesn’t get canceling a show. He said sometimes it sucks when you’re sick or mentally f*cked, but there is no excuse not to get on stage—reflecting on a time where he literally had no voice and still performed because the show must go on.

We wrapped up the hang sesh by seeing a kick ass baker (find her and her amazing cakes here) show off her skills with a radical TTMD themed cake. Remember to distribute the coconut. Along with hello and what’s ups, but couldn’t be left without a quick little jam session. Picking fan favorites, the zoom hangout rocked out to ‘Drunk Face’ and ‘Forget Me Too,’ and like always, it was magical.

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Did you catch the Q & A? What was your favorite part? Missed it? What did you learn? Let us know by commenting down below, or @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!


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Featured Image Source: Screen Grab Of Zoom Q & A

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