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It’s National Hug A Drummer Day– Here Are Some Of Our Fave Drummers We Would Hug Every Day If We Could!

It’s National Hug A Drummer Day– Here Are Some Of Our Fave Drummers We Would Hug Every Day If We Could!

Today is National Hug A Drummer Day, and it is one of those holidays we feel deserves more love and attention. Why? Because at the core of any band is the drummer, they’re the heart of the band, that set the pace and energy for every song we hear. A beat sets the precedence and rhythm for every song, and when aligned with the bass, can make your feet race to the tempo, or when slowed down, have you toe-tapping and just vibing!

Travis Barker


Arguably one of the best drummers in the world, we cannot get enough of Travis Barker‘s insane drumming skills. Neither can most of the world either, with some of his fire collaborations, including Halsey, Yungblud, and most recently, the production of MGK’S Tickets To My Downfall. And let’s not forget where it all started as part of the iconic Blink-182. We just wanna show our appreciation for his talents and hug him!

Nia Lovelis


Nia Lovelis has been drumming since her pre-teens. She’s had the chance to tour the world multiple times and has inspired young girls everywhere. We would hug her for a very long time.

Yoon Doowoon

We are totally in love with kpop bands, and Dowoon is one of our fave kpop drummers. He’s been drumming since the age of sixteen and auditioned for JYPE when he was 19. He’s also composed and arranged songs for the band room

Lee Hajoon

Another KPOP drummer we are desperate to hug is Hajoon! Drumming has been a long time passion for him as he majored in it in college, and was even in a different band before The Rose with other members.

Ashton Irwin


This list would certainly not be complete without us wanting to express how much we want to hug Ashton Irwin. Not only for being the driving force who sets the beat for our faves 5SOS, but also for being such an inspirational soul. With Superbloom on its way soon, we have a feeling as soon as we check it out, we may want to hug him even more!

Alisa Ramirez

Another female drummer we are obsessed with is Alisa Ramirez from The Aces. She is a great example to show how drummers are so important, with her creative input, and even directing one of the band’s music videos this year!

Otto Wood


We adore Waterpark’s, and we couldn’t ignore our adoration for Otto. His drumming skills are a huge part of their live shows, and he’s just one of the softest souls so, how could we not want to hug him!?

Dave Grohl


Drumming and all-round music legend Dave Grohl has had us hooked for some time! From the days of Nirvana through to now as the frontman for the Foo Fighters, we cannot forget his skills, power, and drive that started it all. And anytime we see him behind the drums these days, we thrive! So what do you say, Dave? Can we get that hug?

JP ‘Rook’ Cappelletty

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If Rook isn’t on your radar, he should be. As the drummer for Machine Gun Kelly and the occasional side project, you may witness on his insta. Rook has skill and power that are a force you NEED to witness live. The talent, the energy, and that smile, well, it makes us want to hug him and say thank you!

Park Chanyeol

We can’t forget to want to hug our precious Park Chanyeol today! This man is so talented there isn’t anything he can’t do. And that includes drumming! We haven’t seen him drum in a while but every time we did during concerts it blew us away. He really is doing the most this year, with his own studio, the Exo-SC subunit with Sehun, and now his reality show Heart for you! We say let’s appreciate this boy for everything he does for Exo-ls this year!

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Kim Heechul

Kim Heechul is really the most employed and talented man in K-pop, not only is he part of almost every variety show out there on Korean television but he is also still part of long time supergroup Super Junior! He has always participated in producing the group’s music and he has also demonstrated his drumming skills during various Super Shows (Super Junior’s concert series) and it never left us disappointed. We take his drumming hobby as an excuse to give him a hug today!


Jaehyun is N.flying’s drummer, and we love everything he has done so far for N.Fia and the band. We love the humor he brings to the group. He is such a goofball and deserves a hug just for making us smile all the time with his YouTube videos. We want to thank him for always brightening our days and being one of kpop’s best dancing drummers! You break that stigma boy, and we offer you 100 hugs for it!


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Words: Jazmin Williams, Selina Kuhn & Jodie Rose-Loren
Featured Image Source: The Honey Pop

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