What You Need To Know About The New Mutants DVD

What You Need To Know About The New Mutants DVD

We know you’ve probably waited a while for the release and well, it’s finally almost here!

Bring Out The Young Guns

The New Mutants follows five young people who start possessing powers and who are then sent to an institution, where they believe they will be cured. But it’s actually worse than they thought, it’s a fight for their lives and fight between good and evil! The movie is set to be different than other X-Men films; it’s still action packed, but it is also on the spooky side.

What’s Including On Your DVD

Image Source: 20th Century Fox, Disney

Okay so, there are a lot of bonus features included, such as Origins & Influences, where comic artist Bill Sienkiewicz and the filmmakers, talk about where The New Mutants derived from. It also includes cast members experience making the film. Along with seven deleted scenes; Roberto Suns & Dani Climbs, “She’s a Demon,” “Everybody’s Type” & Chores, Dani’s Nightmare – Alt, “I Need to Cool Off”, “We’re on Lockdown” and Take out the Source.

Though the movie doesn’t come out till November 17th, digital and the DVD are already out for pre-order. So whichever way you wanna watch, or if you are looking for collector sets, you can check it all out, here!

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Featured Image Source: 20th Century Fox

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