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BTS’ Virtual Concert ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’ Saved Our Weekend

BTS’ Virtual Concert ‘MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E’ Saved Our Weekend

BTS didn’t let anything hold them back when they held their second virtual concert of the year, MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E, and it literally was everything.

Everyone knows that BTS were supposed to have one of their biggest tours yet, but due to the sanitary situation – unfortunately, it didn’t happen. What did happen, however, is that they managed to bring together around 993,000 viewers from 191 different countries for their two-day virtual concert. They performed a setlist of 23 songs. It included most of the b-sides from their album released earlier this year, Map Of The Soul: 7

These two days were everything we needed to forget about all our problems and just remind ourselves how much BTS are amazing performers.


This two-day show was organized to make up for the tour that was supposed to take place this year. BTS performed the setlist for those concerts, and it included 23 songs. They also played absolutely stunning VCRs that showed different concepts and their incredible visuals. The virtual concert made it possible for them to show to ARMYs all around the world all the hard work and dedication they had put on this tour.

However, this isn’t like any ordinary concert. MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E implemented technologies that amplified the visual experience – such as effects like for the performances of ‘DNA’, ‘Dope’, and ‘No More Dream’. MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E also marks the world’s first streaming concert that applied both multi-view and 4K/HD. In other words, this means that it allowed fans to choose a screen out of six multi-views.

Of course, BTS didn’t leave ARMYs out as fans were displayed on LED screens and you could even hear their cheers, all in real-time. BTS also made the concert accessible to watch later so that everyone could enjoy it, live or not, with the ‘Delayed Single-View streaming’.

The show managed to bring together over 993,000 viewers from 191 different countries and regions. The number increased immensely (by 84) from their first virtual concert, BANG BANG CON The Live, which was watched from 107 countries.

In other words, with anything they do, BTS proves every time that they just get bigger and bigger.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment

Map Of The Soul: 7

It’s no secret that ‘ON‘ is one of their greatest and biggest performances ever – with the choreography, the vocals, the marching band. Everything about ‘ON’ is incredible, and that’s how they decided to open the concert. With the marching band, the dance break, and everything. It was huge.

The rearrangement of ‘Dionysus‘ took us by surprise for sure. The new arrangement of the iconic song included a trap beat that turned into rock for the last chorus. Just when we thought we had seen it all from ‘Dionysus’, they really took an unexpected but amazing turn. They also performed a version of their massive hit ‘Boy With Luv‘ that they had already shown in their virtual concert back in June.

But one of the biggest highlights is the ending of ‘Black Swan’. The ending of the performance took a different turn that left us all speechless. As the other six members left the stage, Jimin was left behind to perform a contemporary dance solo. As the orchestral arrangement of ‘Black Swan‘ played in the background, Jimin showed his amazing skills when it comes to dancing and showing his emotion through it. He embodied the feeling of the song perfectly.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment

A new twist on old songs

But BTS didn’t stick to only performing songs from Map Of The Soul: 7. They also performed some of their oldest songs, but with twists.

Just after performing the title track of their last full album, they followed it by ‘N.O‘, their title track from their 2013 second mini-album O!RUL8,2?. And then, to keep up with the throwback, they performed their iconic songs: ‘We Are Bulletproof Pt.2‘ and ‘Boy In Luv‘.

Before the encore, BTS performed three of their most iconic songs: ‘DNA‘, ‘Dope‘ and ‘No More Dream‘. All three of those performances used XR technology, and it was so surprising to see the effects. They also brought us a new arrangement of ‘No More Dream’ that made the song feel like it was brand new. It never ceases to amaze us how BTS manages to reinvent their songs, regardless of when they’ve been released.

But as much as everyone was speechless with the new take on old songs, what we were more waiting for was the b-sides from Map Of The Soul: 7 that had never been performed live. And by b-sides, we mean the solo and sub-unit songs.

Source: Big Hit Entertainment

The solo and sub-unit stages

Like most of their full-length albums, Map Of The Soul: 7 included solo songs as well as unit songs. Three of the unit songs were performed in BTS’ first virtual concert. However, the vocal and rap unit songs were left out. For each member, their solo song showed a new part of them. We were seriously very excited to see how they brought the songs to the stage.

RM’s performance of ‘Intro: Persona‘ was full of charisma and even included a ‘giant RM’ with the help of AR technology. SUGA gave us an epic delivery of ‘Interlude: Shadow‘ that made us all feel the song as if it was the first time we heard it. Jungkook’s ‘My Time‘ was not what we expected as he sang about his lost childhood while he delivered an impressive dance performance. Jimin showcased his incredible stage presence with ‘Filter‘. And Jin’s ‘Moon‘ was a reminiscence of The Little Prince and showed his stunning vocals. V’s solo stage for ‘Inner Child‘ was incredibly heartwarming as he sang to his younger self. And last but certainly not least, j-hope brought back all the joy and energy to the stage with his passionate performance of ‘Outro: Ego‘.

When it comes to the sub-units, the rap line – RM, SUGA, and j-hope – performed ‘UGH!‘ in a boxing ring which included a bit of acting that we absolutely live for. The vocal line – Jin, Jimin, V, and Jungkook – delivered a heartwarming performance of ‘Zero O’Clock‘. We went from one performance to the other, from being hyped to full-on crying. It was an emotional trip indeed.

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Source: Big Hit Entertainment

The encore

Yes, it was a virtual concert, but BTS still had the equivalent to an encore. This is where the two days held the most difference. While the first day BTS performed ‘Butterfly‘ and ‘Run‘, the second day they performed ‘Spring Day‘ and ‘Idol‘. We also got to see them play around the stage like we would at a usual concert. They explained they wanted to perform songs they knew fans would love to see live, and we certainly did.

They also performed their latest release, ‘Dynamite‘. The song has been out for a bit over a month but it’s already so iconic for their career. It earned them their first-ever No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

After each of them gave heartful speeches, they gave an emotional performance of ‘We are Bulletproof: The Eternal‘ to wrap up the show. They preached for unity and strength during these tough times. One of the most memorable quotes was for sure:

“The concert crossed countless emotions. Our first march began with seven boys who gathered for a small dream. And together, we will march on forever, each of us waving flags of various colors and singing different stories in different languages. BTS is not a story of only seven, but is about you, me and everyone.”

Source: Big Hit Entertainment

BTS brought light to everyone during this weekend with their virtual concert. MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E was the result of one-year preparation and very hard work, but not only through this virtual concert. BTS’ talent and growth were more than obvious and at this point, it is impossible to overlook their hard work, talent and message.

What was your favorite moment of the concert? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @TheHoneyPop or visiting us on Facebook or Instagram.


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