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NCT 2020 Has Made All Of Our Wishes Come True

NCT 2020 Has Made All Of Our Wishes Come True

It has finally arrived! NCT 2020 is here, and while the boys are telling us to ‘Make A Wish,’ ours has already come true with this absolutely stellar album. Even before it’s release, RESONANCE Pt. 1 earned 1.12 million pre-orders, the most of any SM Entertainment artist ever (US fans, you can pick up your copy in-stores on October 16th). It is already a history-making album, not only with its pre-sales but with its songs as well. 

The album includes 12 new songs, with lead single ‘Make A Wish!’ NCT 2020 features all of NCT’s units (U, 127, Dream, WayV) and two new members Shotaro and Sungchan. Despite each unit having their own specific sound, the coming together of all 23 members embraces the best parts of their musicality, creating the music that we have come to know and love with NCT. Every song flows together perfectly; multiple songs on the album could very well hold the title of ‘title track’ given to ‘Make A Wish,’ which is very telling in itself. We can confidently say that you will not be skipping any of these tracks as you listen. 

‘Make A Wish’

The lead track for NCT 2020 with its pop-dance track and hip-hop beats is meant to convey positive energy when you listen to it, and ‘Make A Wish’ succeeds in doing just that! We get to see newcomer Shotaro take center stage in the dance break, and we are so excited about his debut. We also get the treat of the English version of this song, which you might find intriguing.


Reminiscent of early 90’s hip-hop comes ‘Misfits,’ the rapper unit of the album. This song is the ultimate hype song, and the energy it gives off is unreal; it’s a song about none conformity that is perfect for this generation. While each of the boys’ rap verse is sick, we’re giving a special shout out to Johnny for his lines, as well as Sungchan and his rapper debut!


The ‘Boss’ unit is back, baby! ‘Volcano’ can very well be considered Boss 2.0, with a very similar bassline that gives us the same explosive energy we felt when we first heard this unit back during NCT 2018!


This song was actually first revealed back in 2015, while the boys were a part of SM Rookies! It features Taeyong, Kun, Sungchan, and Doyoung, whose vocals are beyond beautiful. This song is giving us all the feels!

‘Dancing In The Rain’

With lyrics written by Jaehyun, ‘Dancing In The Rain’ is the perfect autumn song (as said by Jaehyun himself). It gives us lovey vibes, a song that we would very much dance in the rain to, or can see being played as we sit in a cafe drinking coffee on a cool day.

‘Interlude: Past to Present’

The minute long interlude transitions us to this album’s second act, combining sounds that we have heard from previous NCT songs.

‘Déjà Vu’

NCT Dream’s unit track of the album, ‘Déjà Vu,’ has made all our 7Dream wishes come true! We missed hearing Mark’s ad-libs in Dream’s songs, and ‘Déjà Vu,’ with its hip-hop dance sound, is able to showcase a more mature sound that is still inherently Dream.


The only song entirely in Chinese, WayV’s unit song, is that of 2000’s RnB, and we love its vibrant and rich beat. With dreamy lyrics such as “dancing in the moonlight,” ‘Nectar’ shows the best of WayV, and the group making themselves known in NCT 2020 has been a long-time coming.

‘Music, Dance’

Although they say they tried exploring a new genre, ‘Music, Dance’ is typical NCT 127 in the best way possible. The beat drop after Taeil’s heavenly vocals will blow your mind, plus its EDM beats make this the perfect dance song. We hope we get to see 127 perform this song soon because we can only imagine how fun and powerful that performance would be!

‘Faded In My Last Song’

‘Faded In My Last Song’ gives us the chill vibe we needed. The piano track sets the tone, and while it’s slower and more toned down than the other songs on this album, it fits perfectly among the rest of the tracks.

‘From Home’

Receiving it’s own music video on October 19th, ‘From Home’ is RESONANCE Pt. 1‘s beautiful conclusion. This song might be one of the most touching ballads in NCT’s discography, as it’s sung in Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean. It perfectly captures what NCT is, highlighting the diversity of the group and celebrating it.

Don’t mind us, we’re just going to leave this gif here for you to look at as you stream RESONANCE Pt. 1! This album is truly NCT at it’s finest, and we can’t wait for part two of NCT 2020 to drop in November!

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Featured Image Source: Sm Entertainment via Naver

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