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Park Jimin Has A Heart Of Gold. Here’s The Proof To Confirm It…

Park Jimin Has A Heart Of Gold. Here’s The Proof To Confirm It…

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BTS is not only super talented but is also made up of seven absolutely incredible individuals. Individuals with good intentions, beautiful souls, and pure hearts. Today we wanted to talk about our lovely Jimin. Aside from sweet honey vocals and the sickest moves, he also is the human embodiment of an actual angel. He is one of the idols that we feel like we would be blessed to have as a friend if we were in another universe. We’re sharing some proof that Park Jimin has a heart made of actual gold.

His Speech During YouTube’s Dear Class of 2020

During the virtual celebration for the class of 2020, BTS spoke via a video call from Seoul, Korea to offer words of wisdom and advice for the graduates. When it came to Jimin’s speech of offering congratulations, he expressed a lot of emotion. From his worries about their health and wellbeing in particular during the height of the pandemic to reminding them that no matter where they are in life that there is someone in Seoul, Korea who understands them. His speech was commended not only by ARMY, but viewers around the world who felt touched by his simple yet sweet and caring words.

He Gives Back To His Old School Back In Busan

Image Source: Tenor

Though he may be a global superstar, Jimin never forgets where he came from. Back in 2019, he donated 100 million won (which is about $87,914) to the Busan Metropolitan City Office of Education. $26,000 USD of that donation was sent directly to his old high school. Back in 2018, he paid the school uniform costs for the students who graduated before his elementary school, Hoedong Elementary School, closed down. Then on February 9th of 2020, Jimin donated desks and chairs to Busan High School of Arts for all 1,200 of its students. All during this he kept quiet of his donations, which reminds us that you don’t need to broadcast a good deed for it to be a good deed.

He Spent His Day Off Visiting An Orphanage

It seems as though choosing to do good as an idol is something rooted deep in Jimin’s soul. Back in 2017 during a day off, Jimin chose to spend his down time at an orphanage and even gave a few small performances to bring a smile to the kids faces!

He Cares About His Members So Much

Whenever a member of BTS is emotional, you can pretty much guarantee that Jimin isn’t too far away ready to offer them comfort. Whenever they are in need of some comfort, words of wisdom or just a good old hug, our Jiminie is right by their sides with whatever it is they need. We’re not crying, you are!

The Way He Defended The Little Girl On Hello Counselor

On an episode of the Korean show Hello Counselor Jimin was visibly upset when a boy said he cared more about his plushie dolls than his little sister and had some words of advice for him. Though he didn’t say too much, the emotion on his face was evident and fans still refer back to the amount of care and compassion he had to this day.

He Gave Some Important Advice On i-LAND

When BTS were guests on the final i-LAND episode, Jimin gave some great advice to the new members of ENHYPEN as well the contestants who weren’t fortunate enough to reach debut. “Congrats. What I want to say is for those who debuted and those who didn’t, don’t forget this moment and you’ll do whatever you want to. Debut isn’t everything. Don’t forget today and you’ll do anything in the future. I hope to see the day that you perform along with ENHYPEN.” Some really thoughtful words from Jimin!

The Way He Was So Concerned For That Little Bird In Hawaii

Jimin has a huge love for animals and a perfect example of this, as well as his caring side, is back in season 2 of Bon Voyage. During BTS’s reality show where they were traveling around Hawaii, Jimin, Taehyung, and Namjoon were stopping for a bite to eat when Jimin noticed a little bird with just one foot. He was quick to hop out of his seat and inspect the bird closer, showing sympathy and concern for the little creature. Our hearts have absolutely melted.

He Loves ARMY More Than Anything In The World

Image Source: WeHeartIt

Jimin loves ARMY so much, it’s unreal. He always has the most wonderful and heartwarming things to say during ending ments of tour and the love he feels shines through his face whenever he interacts with the adoring fanbase. And who could forget the time he spent ages learning a speech in English for the Wembley shows of Love Yourself: Speak Yourself? Who needs a relationship when you have the love of Park Jimin? Exactly.

He’s So Charismatic That Everyone Falls For Him

It’s been known that whenever Jimin has met people – especially TV hosts – he has had the ability to make them just want to scoop him up in a hug and to never let go, unless it was to sign adoption papers for him. There’s just something utterly charming about this Busan boy to make you melt over him. We aren’t complaining in the slightest.

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So, the jury has it. Park Jimin is guilty of stealing the hearts of ARMY and locals alike. He is truly a magnificent human being and we will never ever stop loving him. You can count on that.

Image Source: Tenor

Has Jimin stolen your heart? What’s your favorite thing about him? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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