Rainbow Kitten Surprise Gives Us ‘Our Song’

Rainbow Kitten Surprise Gives Us ‘Our Song’

When Rainbow Kitten Surprise gives us ‘Our Song’, it’s like they know exactly what we need. Aside from the 2-track Mary (b-sides) EP which was released last year, we haven’t heard much from RKS in awhile. In times like these, it’s really nice to hear a familiar voice tell us a new story!

Rainbow Kitten Surprise via YouTube

So there’s rainbows, kittens, and surprises involved?


If you’re not familiar with RKS: they’re an alternative rock/indie band from North Carolina. They would definitely appeal to fans of Foster the People, Winnetka Bowling League, or Imagine Dragons. Looking for some song recommendations to get started? Take a listen to some classic RKS tracks like ‘First Class‘, ‘Devil Like Me‘ or ‘It’s Called: Freefall‘.

Wait – this ain’t ‘Our Song’!


Pressing play, we hear Darrick Keller’s playful acoustic guitar set the tone. Drummer Jess Haney’s percussion punctuates lead vocalist Sam Melo’s wandering thoughts, with the band playing stop-and-go across the entire 2 minutes. The song features some confident lyrical delivery, tenacious guitar-playing, and the telltale harmonies indicative of classic RKS music.

Of course, that isn’t to say that ‘Our Song’ sounds just like the rest of the RKS discography. Sam literally steps up to the microphone and sings, “This ain’t our song/This ain’t our old selves”. Like, alright – so if it isn’t theirs, whose song is it?! What’s more, with a sassy lyrical theme like this, an upcoming full album of original songs that ‘aren’t theirs’ will totally confuse us all!

If you’d rather hear it live…

Rainbow Kitten Surprise via YouTube

Apparently, the RKS fans of Athens, Georgia already know this song. The song translates really well in a live setting – even when the fans weren’t familiar with it! Also, the opening graphics shown on-screen are totally reminiscent of their Seven + Mary days, and we’re entirely ready to see that aesthetic make its return this era!

So Rainbow Kitten Surprise gives us ‘Our Song’, and what are your thoughts? Is this your song? Their song? What do you think is coming next from RKS? Tell us everything in the comment section below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!


Featured Image Source: ‘Rainbow Kitten Surprise – Our Song (Live)’ via YouTube

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